Thursday, 12 July 2007

spiced cherries and the rest of Germany

We were in Germany last week. It was my first time there.
We were in the Middle Rhine region being looked after by the Romantic Rhine tourist people - and very nice they were too.
We had dinner at Le Chopin restaurant in the Bellvue Hotel, Boppard. What a lovely meal.
I had liver served with the strangest cherries I'd ever seen. They look a little like faded glace cherries but the taste is quite unusual - almost peppery and most definitely savoury. If anyone knows what they are and where I can get some, let me know.
While we were there I learned a few things:
I really like Germany and it's nothing like I imagined (although I don't now remember what that was)
German people like to take their clothes off.. a lot (this is fine, but not if I'm already in the sauna with my cossie on feeling really daft)
Family businesses give the best service (thanks to the charming Herr Schoeneberger at Heilig Grab
Reisling is really very nice (see above)
Sauerkraut is not really very nice
I quite like history (but there are only so many castles you can care about in a day, sorry husband)
It is possible to run a country where everything goes according to plan and places are clean (and it makes a difference)
It's cool to like Status Quo (especially if it's an excuse for international travel)

PS The picture on the left is the miraculous spot where the Rhine looks like four lakes. It's one of the wonders of the world apparently.

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