Thursday, 22 January 2009

Panther's birthday

It was the Panther’s birthday yesterday – hard to believe when he looks so fresh-faced too.
This year his heart’s desire was a Wii, so he was a very happy camper when Boy One and Boy Two bounded in with his parcels.
Hours later I finally spoke to him and by then he was mad-eyed and sweating from bouts of boxing... on his own.
Then I struggled with the irony of encouraging Boys One and Two into a virtual bout of fisticuffs when we spend so much energy getting them to stop bashing each other.
Later still, I was persuaded into some 10-pin bowling. At least I was spared the humiliation of my ball trundling off into the gutter each time ... and I did beat Panther first game. Then I remembered it was his birthday so I let him have the next one.
And the Wii? Probably a good thing, although it may be a while before anyone talks about much else in our house.


  1. Just wait until you wake up the next day - you'll feel lie you've gone 10 rounds with Tyson! Fi

  2. The Panther is already suffering from Wii arm. I said: "I know they're not very long, but they do have lovely elbows!"


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