Sunday, 8 November 2009

Green is the new black, a Good Life moment

We've come over all Tom and Barbara here.
The whole family - except Boy Two who was snoozing - were out in the garden installing our new Green Cone.
It's a brilliant idea.
You bung all your food waste, teabags, peelings and leftovers - plus all that stuff that goes off while your carefully planned weekly menu goes t1ts up. And, er, that's it. There's no emptying. No pile of ripe compost making you feel guilty about not gardening.
The bacteria turns your waste to clean (ish) residue, carbon dioxide and water while you do something else.
The Panther of News finally came round to the idea and bought a new spade. Boys One and Two helped in their inimitable fashion. I assembled the thing.
We managed the whole exercise with no one falling out with each other, or the phone ringing or the baby waking up. Truely remarkable.
I have a sneaking feeling that there must be a catch - it just seems too easy. But it's certainly made my other idea of getting some chickens to eat our scraps go away for a while to everyone's relief.


  1. I think chickens are a great idea. Imagine eggs that really taste eggy and fresh. And you could rescue old battery hens for extra feelgood factor. Apparently, they look rather disturbing at first but soon regain feathers and dignity!

  2. I still like the chicken idea, I just can't quite get my act together on it. Although it does seem like a project that even in failure is still a chicken dinner!


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