Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mrs Janes and the PM part two

I'm back here again today.
First grieving mum Jacqui Janes had a go at the PM for apparent spelling mistakes in the handwritten letter of condolence she got.
Don't forget she had a go on the front page of The Sun not long after it had come out - in England - in support of the Conservatives.
She also had a go on in a Monday paper - the quietest news day as not much usually happens on a Sunday.
And the letter, reproduced with red rings around the mistakes could, on an uncharitable day, prove the point.
Then the rest of the media followed it up - first news item in most cases.
So Gordon Brown was left with no alternative but to walk into the ambush that was the phonecall of apology to Mrs Janes. He said he was sorry and didn't mean to cause offence. Obviously he didn't.
Of course The Sun are going to make great use of this - it's a great story from a rich seam for them with plenty more left to mine.
But what's everyone else doing giving it quite so much weight? Listen to the transcript and see if anything - particularly the memory of tragic 20-year-old Jamie - is served by this.


  1. Good question. But grief can make us do things we might not normally consider - I don't necessarily agree wtih all this but I can't imagine the pain that poor woman is going through.

    (Thanks for the link in your previous post, by the way - I am so flattered!)

  2. I agree, but grief also can make people vulnerable to being exploited. The need to 'see some good come out of it' is very powerful.
    Re. the previous post, I was looking for blogs to practice backlinks with and bigging up the ones I like seemed a good idea.
    I'm moving towards to more proper - paid - work on the web rather than in print and exploiting the power of the properly used blog is key. Plus it's more fun than anything else I have on the go at the mo!

  3. They should make all the Sun hacks try to handwrite a letter - without spending two hours over a few lines. Journalists have the worst handwriting around, with myself as a not so shining example. If I have to leave a note around the house for the other half, I always print it off from the computer or he wouldn't be able to read a word. I can't believe anyone at the Sun actually believed Brown had spelled comfort as cumfort. Very cynical indeed.


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