Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Things I learned from my children today #2

Methane can be a verb.
"Mum, did you know that farts are made of methane?"
"Mmmm, really?"
"Yeah. And I just methaned!"

Whatever the question is, the answer is probably food.

The lesson about swearing has been learned well.
"Put that light sabre down," to Boy One who was waving what I thought was a light sabre in Boy Three's face.
"It's not a light sabre, don't you know anything?"
"Whatever the hell it is, put it down."
"Ooooh. Mummy you sweared. You said 'hell'. You did, you swore," Boys One and Two in unison as the vigilante brothers rush for the phone to dob me in to the Panther of News.


  1. I've had that one with 'stupid'. I'm torn between holding my tongue and re-educating the boy to my own lax language.

  2. Because, of course, the Panther of News NEVER swears....yeah, right....

  3. Rather unexpectedly when I quizzed the boys they said: "No he never, ever swears."
    Although I'm considering a campaign of teaching the boys to swear properly in the manner of Malcolm Tucker. If something's worth doing...


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