Thursday, 3 December 2009

STV competition comes to a close

It's the last week of the STV Write Factor competition. I've now written nine opinion pieces and now it's up to the judges. The winner gets a six month contract to write a column.
I have enjoyed myself. It's been a total treat to get away from "proper" journalism and write about what I think on the issues of the day. My biggest challenge has been deciding which of the day's topics to rant about.
Today I remembered getting stuck in a carpark because I couldn't get my pregnant belly between my car and the one next to it. In theory it sounds funny, but it really wasn't.
I also had a bit of a go at an organisation that's dishing out advice to GPs.
There can't be anyone I know who isn't getting every so slightly cheesed off by my begging. However, if you haven't had a look or posted a comment, please do.
Thanks very, very much.


  1. Done. Now I can go back to reading your blogs for entertainment rather than having to come up with comments. It all just persuaded me I wouldn't be much use as a columnist myself. I can never seem to conjure up an opinion when I really need one. xxx

  2. Thanks for your support. I guess people are either born Daily Mail readers or not!

  3. Your columns were witty and fun altho I agree with Debs - It's really hard coming up with a witty retort - felt it was a bit of an exercise for me too!

    My fingers etc are crossed. xx

  4. Sorry, I don't have fingers. I meant paws of course...


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