Thursday, 3 December 2009

Things I learned from my children today #12

I must be more aware of how my grumpy mood might affect the children. After thumping around upending jars of change and failing to find enough £1.75s for dinner money, Boy Two sidled up and offered two sticky coins: "I'll pay for my dinner today mummy." Ouch.

Perhaps a little more praise would help. Alongside the entirely arbitrary award of fictitious Billy Banana Brain badges for general foolishness, I've introduced Mummy's Herograms. They love them.

Shhh, don't tell Panther of News, but I quite miss Boy Three when he's not here even if it does mean I can get some work done.


  1. Boy 3 was on good nappy-filling form this morning! And Daddy was a hero.

  2. I always leave mine in a wee tray and even cover them up. Maybe Boy 3 can learn to do likewise?

    Milt x


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