Friday, 4 December 2009

Things I learned from my children today #13

It's a conspiracy. Boy Three is away, by all accounts, charming most of West Yorkshire. So, theoretically, that means a couple of nights of unbroken sleep. However, the first night Boy Two was all hot and sore from his swine flu vaccination when he clambered into bed beside me. Luckily he's "good as new" and I'm so pleased he chose 5am today to come and tell me.

Boy One is full of surprises. He said: "I'm not going to put Lego on my Christmas list. I've got plenty." Really.

Being pushed over by your brother is a bad thing, but flinging yourself onto the frozen ground after trying to slip on ice is a good thing, apparently.


  1. If the boy told me he wasn't going to put lego on his Christmas list, I don't know what I'd get him. His response to 'is there anything you want that isn't lego' was 'yes, but I don't know what'.

  2. it is always much more fun to injure youself on concrete like ice than be pushed over onto something not as life threatening...err, wait a minute...

  3. Your kids sound like they keep you busy! :) Good luck with the STV competition

  4. Hope you managed to get some sleep the second night!


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