Friday, 18 December 2009

The whole story, surprising shower and reluctant admiration

Something that in one child can be irksome and irritating, can be charming and funny in another. And so Boy Three put his first toe through his first sock probably as a consequence of much baby walker action. The Panther of News, not known for his kindness to socks, was very proud.

Serene acceptance of the consequences of my actions is important. If you encourage the blowing of raspberries as an educational and amusing pastime, you should not be surprised to find yourself showered in Ella's Kitchen broccoli, pears and peas half diluted by saliva.

It's possible to be very impressed by behavior that is also far from likeable. I had an idea that Boys One and Two had asked for remote control helicopters for Christmas from their Other Granny. I had shrugged and hope that it wouldn't come to pass - remote control toys never actually living up to their promise long before their batteries run out. But yesterday OG reported that the request had followed them seeing the helicopters on sale and that they had both been so keen on them they wept when told they couldn't have one. Er... what? Tears when a toy request is turned down, I don't think so Boys. Boy One denied all knowledge but Boy Two hung his head and said: "They did look cool and I did cry because sometimes it helps to get things."
"Would you have cried if it was me who said no?"
"No. And, er, mummy?"
"I love you."


  1. Great pic of Boy Three. And I know exactly what you mean about being impressed and not approving at the same time. The use of the tears on OG followed by the "I love you" as a technique for defusing maternal annoyance is particularly impressive. Males many times Boy Two's age would kill for his schmoozing skills.
    By the way, I'm sure he does love you, anyway. It's the timing, though.

  2. Love the picture and the toe. And how scarily quickly are tactics learned that work in one place and not in another! Chancers all!! Mxx

  3. Boy 3 is gorgeous and Boy 2 is simply smart! This manipulation technique will get him far in business as an adult.


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