Thursday, 31 December 2009

Things I learned from my children today

It's good when a plan comes together. It was Christmas Day and the family had gathered. The dining table was groaning with unopened gifts and Granny was wanting them dished out so the table could be prepared for the feast.
Suddenly the Panther of News asked: "Where's Boy One?"
"Never mind, let's open the prezzies anyway."
"We'd best wait."
"Nah. But 'lo what's this really big present doing here?"
And out bursts Boy One wearing a huge grin and bearing the spoils of his trip to the school bring and buy wrapped for the family. He'd been waiting in the box with a torch and his DSi for his big moment. And who says Aspies aren't good at planning?

Forward is often the hardest direction. After a few days of gazing enviously at his mobile cousin Baby G, Boy Three reckons crawling might be worth a go. He's so close - he can get his not inconsiderable tummy off the floor while effecting a ferocious rocking motion. He can even lift a limb without scraping his snotty nose on the floor. The only thing is, he can't seem to go forward. All his efforts just take him further and more noisily away from the thing he wants.

We pass on our anxieties to our children. We were just about to get in the remaining spaces in the car and set off for the festive family huddle. Everything on all the lists was ticked off and the sun was shining. Boy Three was getting one last guzzle of milk before we set off and his brothers had their coats on.
Thinking aloud: "What have I forgotten? Let me see: bubbly, baby milk, prezzies, Boys One through Three, phone chargers, Shabba the Bear, gloves, sledges... Nope, that's it. If we haven't got it we can do without."
Later about Beattock Summit with the outside lane still full of snow, Boy Two said: "Mum, you know that funny feeling you had that you'd forgotten something. I've got it in my tummy too and it won't go away."


  1. And what had you forgotten - besides your jim jams?!Mxx


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