Monday, 26 January 2009

A Bouch job?

Did you know that the Tay Bridge - the one of the infamous disaster - was built by someone called Sir Thomas Bouch? Nope? Me neither. Although apparently not the source of the expression ‘a botch job’.
What about the fact that one of the sons of the famous Queensberry family was so hideously inbred he was locked in his room? Until, that is, one night when the family went out leaving him alone apart from a kitchen lad turning a roast on a spit. When the family came home the son had vanished and the kitchen boy was cooling - half eaten - on the spit.
The Panther and I made these discoveries during on open-top bus tour of Edinburgh.
Finding ourselves with no Boys to look after and no one requiring our talents and skills we went on a crazy rock ’n’ roll trip to the Capital. It was an education and I'd thoroughly recommend entrusting yourself to the rambling, opinionated and erratic commentary of the red-nosed bekitled guide on the Edinburgh City Tour bus. And as it was Burns birthday, who could blame him for having a little tipple.
Speaking of Burns, it is a little embarrassing isn't it? The city's grand monument to the Bard is still swathed in sacking and scaffolding on the first day of the much hoo-haa'ed Homecoming Celebrations.
Actually, it went with much of the rest of the lovely city; dug up for trams and variously awaiting refurbishment, it’ll be fantastic when it’s finished. Just a pity that’ll be after all those visitors lured by Alex Salmond’s schmaltzy campaign have gone home.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Panther's birthday

It was the Panther’s birthday yesterday – hard to believe when he looks so fresh-faced too.
This year his heart’s desire was a Wii, so he was a very happy camper when Boy One and Boy Two bounded in with his parcels.
Hours later I finally spoke to him and by then he was mad-eyed and sweating from bouts of boxing... on his own.
Then I struggled with the irony of encouraging Boys One and Two into a virtual bout of fisticuffs when we spend so much energy getting them to stop bashing each other.
Later still, I was persuaded into some 10-pin bowling. At least I was spared the humiliation of my ball trundling off into the gutter each time ... and I did beat Panther first game. Then I remembered it was his birthday so I let him have the next one.
And the Wii? Probably a good thing, although it may be a while before anyone talks about much else in our house.
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