Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cups overflow, boys pick up the wrong end of the stick and a new craze

Things I've learned from my children today.

If you pick up a baby who has drunk a bottle of milk within two hours of that milk being consumed, do it carefully. Actually I think I probably knew this already, but the "wheeeee, baby" game is so tempting when rewarded with a plume of giggles. Only this time I was also rewarded with a bra full of milky vomit. Nice.

Small people pick up the strangest things. Here was a conversation with Boy Two after he sneaked into my bed for a cuddle just before the alarm went off at horrible o'clock.
"Morning, Mummy."
"Morning Boy Two. This is lovely, isn't it?" Snuggling.
"It's one of my favourite things. It makes me happy for the day."
"I like it when you're happy."
"Do you? That's nice. I like it when you're happy too."
"And the pills must be working too."
"What?" I leap out of my doze.
"When you're happy the Panther says the pills must be working."

Coin collecting is an exciting and glamourous hobby. Boy One has got a notion he would like to collect coins from around the world. We were talking bout how he was planning to do this, after, of course, he'd nagged me into buying a book of purpose.
I suggested he could have a look at all the little heaps of coins that have accumulated in dusty corners of the house for a start.
When he didn't seem wild about that, I suggest he talk to all the people he knew who had been or were going to interesting foreign places and ask them if they had any.
He was even more tepid about this. "How are you going to do coin collecting then?" I asked.
"Oh, we're going to travel around the world to all the interesting and exotic countries, collecting them as we go."
Excellent, when do we start?


  1. Excellent!

    I heart your boys! I've got a few coins of enough worth to be vaguely exciting to a small boy, but not valuable enough to stick on ebay. I'll see if I can find them.

    But I really want to know how the sugar factory is going.


  2. Meant to say in above post (but was rudely interrupted), I'm sure that travelling to Halifax or London to collect the coins isn't quite what he had in mind though!

  3. Ah! The sicky bra story brought back fond memories. Must say though it doesn't even come close to having a baby throw up in your mouth. That's proper gross. I'm glad I don't have babies anymore :-)

  4. Young Daddy doesn't seem to learn the 'no wheeee game after feeding' rule, no matter how many times he is vomit-bombed! x

  5. I have a really vomity one ... there's nothing like the feeling of warm sick going down your back and into your newly washed hair when you *thought* you were carefully winding them ...

  6. Jo, Boy One would love coins and the sugar factory is in various sticky containers in the kitchen. No, it's not what BO had in mind - today he asked if we could go to Slovinia.

    SSM, it's horrible isn't it?

    YM, I don't mind other people getting milk bombed, that's funny!

    MAM, yes and the smell just doesn't go away, does it?


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