Saturday, 16 January 2010

getting it off my chest again

More things I've probably never told anyone before.
This confession thing is getting out of hand - I can't stop thinking of more secrets I just want to share with a load of strangers.
Maybe blogs have a sort of Big Brother effect where people forget their boyfriends/husbands might be looking and cop off with the least nasty housemate out of boredom.
Whatever the reason, here's today's offering:

Generally I much prefer texting, emailing or writing to people than actually speaking to them.

I really like taking dryer fluff out of the filter and seeing what colour it is.

I get really paranoid when I pay someone to look after my children that they - because they know about these things - will be thinking that I'm a rubbish mum.

I change light bulbs without turning the plug off.

When the children can't find me and are shouting for me, I often keep really still and quiet.

I hate subbing page 2 stories.

I once pretended that some baking I'd bought in a shop for a school fund raising coffee thing was homemade. I even roughed it up a bit first.

If I have more than one of a kind of toiletry open at one time, I like to use them in strict rotation. This means I can also tell when someone has pinched some.

I never liked night clubs, even when I was young enough to go to them without looking like someone's mum come to pick them up.

Sometimes I'll negotiate a lie in for myself, but I don't sleep I pretend to sleep and enjoy not making or clearing up the breakfast.

I only had one pregnancy during which I didn't smoke at all.

Now I am the most obnoxiously ferocious anti-smoker you can get - yuk, yuk, how can anyone do that?

I was too scared to try LSD or magic mushrooms.

I hate gardening. I'm convinced things grow, or don't grow just to spite me, yet I love nice gardens.


  1. The toiletry rotation thing is still the one that worries me the most....
    if I lived with you i'd definitely sabotage that for pleasure.
    It's a bit like changing the way the toilet roll hangs to upset my OH. tee hee

  2. Hi Ellen and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've noticed that I phone people much less now than I used to and would much rather text/email than speak - slightly concerned that this is turning into some sort of phobia.
    I did enjoy going to nightclubs when I was younger/drunker, now I'm happy at the local pub or anywhere I can get a seat!

  3. me too re LSD - twice I was going to take a tab then 'lost' it in the nightclub- thank god...since I'm the sort of person who has 2 puffs on a joint and is paranoid!

  4. That's Not My Age - it's just so easy to communicate using a keyboard with a delete button, isn't it?

    Hi Emma, lovely to see you here.
    Yup, understanding me a bit better now than I did then, I now know it's because I hate to be out of control.

  5. SS, I think you should get out more! x

  6. Ok, next time I stay at yours, I'm gonna be really, really, careful about the toiletry stuff Muttie samples Auntie Ellen...


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