Monday, 11 January 2010

Sharing a few secrets

Apparently confession is good for the soul. And while I don't have anything half as interesting as Iris Robinson to fess up to, I thought it might be time to get a few things off my chest. Just see it as part of my New Year- new me drive and I'll live with the risk that you might all just start looking shifty and edging away from me. On the other hand, I might find I'm not alone and that we all feel better for a bit of honesty.

Here goes with the things that currently make me feel guilty:

On the way back from yoga on Saturday I bought just one fresh cheese twist from the Co-op and scoffed it all in the car.

Sometimes when the someone says "mummy" it makes me want to scream.

Sometimes at bedtime I put whisky in my tea.

There are lots of words I can't spell and, as a some-time sub-editor, I really ought to be able to. I have learned to cheat.

I love it when I have a shift at the newspaper I occasionally appear at. I get to wear clothes that don't have sick on them and to have a whole conversation.

Mostly, I find politics boring.

I have a thing about Tim Roth and James McAvoy.

Once I scraped my car against another one in the car park, but no one was watching so I drove off.

I'm getting lazier at housework and mostly only clean the bits people will see when there are people to see them.

I only go for a bath when I've got a good book I want to get on with, the whole lying in water thing doesn't actually do much for me.

I have sometimes sent the kids to school dosed with Calpol when they were probably too poorly to go because I had work to do.

While I love my family dearly, most days there are times when I wish they'd just bugger off and leave me alone for a while.


  1. Just found your blog so thought I'd put my two pennorth in.
    An interesting list! Tim Roth - I've been watching him in Lie to Me, which is fantastic.
    I love waving my son and husband off in the morning, shutting the door and having a lazy half hour shuffling about in my slippers.

  2. Amen!

    Do you ever pretend to need a wee just so you can go into another room and shut the door for awhile?

  3. Trish, There's a lady who reckons she's a human lie detector and blogs here . Doesn't make up for lack of TR between episodes though.

    Mrs C, Thank you. Yes I do but it tends to trigger one of my son's mummy's-got-her-pants-down radars.

  4. I better get a cheese twist tonight or I will bin the whisky

  5. Don't think so Panther. Not unless I can be sure you haven't sneaked off to Dutch Dave's Bacon Sandwich Van more than once or twice. Hmmmm?

  6. Great list! Ditto on the issues of housework, Calpol and politics, and the 'Mummmeeee!' thing. And I'm another former sub who can no longer spell or punctuate. I am going to fess up to crouching down on the kitchen floor with my face in a cupboard eating Hula Hoops so the kids can't see/hear me and want some too.

  7. NWBI, Love it! The image of cupboard scoffing of crisps has made my day.

  8. Hee hee, great blog.

    Sometimes I buy milk I don't need when I go to the supermarket 'cos I don't want to go just go to the till with four cans of Stella...

  9. What would a cat want with four cans of Stella?

  10. Well, it's for the old bat I live with. Sometimes I get a saucerfull of the milk, if she's in a good mood...

  11. So it was YOU who scraped my car!



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