Friday, 12 February 2010

My name in Lego, a happy box and a three-way split

Things I've learned from my children today.

Lego sometimes makes me happy. I'm involved in a secret new blogging project - if I told you I'd have to delete you or unfriend myself or something equally nasty, so I won't... yet. However, I was telling Boy Two that I might need to take a picture of something to go with it. He said he'd do me something out of Lego and - tadaa - here's the result. I love it.

Teamwork makes it happen - sometimes. Boy One got busy. It involved, as usual, a box, Sellotape, scissors and lots of patience. This time he's made a play house for his baby brother. Boy Three loves it.

It's hard not to be totally even-handed with the boys. Even though the boys' needs and demands are varied, I like to think I give them a fair distribution of resources. Lately some work I've been doing has involved writing - and thinking - about one of them more than the others. It's made me feel strangely out of balance. How odd.


  1. I love that play house, need to get my hands on some big boxes!

  2. Hours and hours of entertainment!

  3. I love these two pictures! Mxx


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