Monday, 15 February 2010

Out of the oven...

My name is Ellen and yesterday I bought a deep fat fryer. There now you know my latest secret. I've never owned one and only used one once while I was the chef on a luxury motor yacht. It was stormy and the whole frying thing was presented some less-common challenges at the time.
In theory, I don't really do frying (except the stir variety in some fancy cold-pressed or flavoured oil).
However, The Panther of News is from Yorkshire which apparently is enough to explain a fried potato addiction and my bigger children have come to survive on chips or similar. I blogged about their dietary quirks here.
So I've come round to thinking that maybe real chips from real potatoes might be better than something impregnated in slimy stuff and put in the oven.
Why then is there something inside going "Nooooooooo"?
I sidle up to the thing in the kitchen like it's going to leap out and make me wear a tracksuit to Tesco. So far it hasn't set the kitchen on fire, given me acne or given me the urge to phone Jeremy Kyle.
Then someone said: "You could make churros, or that Japanese veg in batter stuff."
"Oh yes."
Now I'm beginning to see that the thing in the corner of the kitchen might become my friend. And the chips were pretty good too.


  1. Love it!
    Now you just need to fry some eggs to go with the chips and butter some white bread to make a sarnie...

  2. Don't I recall the Panther being something of an ace at the tempura making? Yum indeed.
    Could never have a fryer in my house though. Firstly, there's the danger of my beloved playing Partick roulette after the pub.
    And I learned the double-dip technique of chip-making years back and love the results. I'd be finding excuses to make them all the time with the inevitable results.
    You, however, are made of stronger stuff. xxxx

  3. there's nothing quite like proper chips done in the fryer (from Lancs myself) but yeah, it also has so many other possibilities

  4. We just bought our 1st deep fat fryer a few months back too... I CRINGE when my hubby deep fat fry's sausages (and straight down refuse to eat!) however.. I will chomp on the deep fried frozen chicken samosas I wish I hadn't have bought... (8 mins.. quick snack... dipped in mayo!)
    LUCKILY I stopped making home cooked chips cause both times I tried.. I nearly lost the end of my 1st finger.. the bit just where the peeler ends if you slice down!!
    So.. yeah.. all good... but OH SO ALL BAD TOO!!!!!!!!!

    Yet to try deep fried Mars Bars... hmmm may just have a go at that this week!! In fact, yeah.. I'll post the results on my blog!!

  5. Linda, chip butty - I always thought it was culinary tautology, but mebbe it's time to try.

    Debbie, am going to make myself clean it every time and that'll put me off. Panther says come for tempura.

    Heather, it's a whole new world.

    Flyingstart, samosas sound good - deep fried Mars bars best left in mythology.

  6. Oh tempura - my favourite !

    Also fried chicken (which is my secret pleasure)

  7. Ooh! Home cooked chips are yummy! They always make me think of my Gran. She used to have a crinkle cutting thing, and would make crinkle cut chips most nights, in a pan on the stove with a wire basket.

    The thing that would put me off would be the cleaning and the smell. Hot dirty fat isn't a hugely inspiring aroma...


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