Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Putting the mouse down

Later today I'm actually meeting some real-life people to talk about social media.
My former colleague and Scottish Social Media Guy Craig McGill has organised it.
Now it's a huge departure for me. One of the reasons I love the 'new' media is that I don't have to go and talk to people. I can sparkle and shine in a moderately professional manner from right here at my desk. And no one can see the food encrusting my clothes, the baby milling around in the background and the fact I'm typing fast to go and attend to other children. I've made friends here, learned new stuff, and, lately, learned new ways of making a living. In spite of all that, and, it all feels slightly pretend and hobby-like. Perhaps that's because it's such enormous fun.
Anyhow, within two days I'll have signed two contracts for entirely online work and gone out to actually meet, real people to talk about it. I have to say it feels slightly peculiar. Even The Panther of News is starting to see that there might be something in all this internettery.
I was slightly concerned that the whole social media real people thing might be somewhat blokey. You know - chaps all talking techy gadgety chap stuff about it all and I'll have to pretend I understand then go home to google furiously to find out what it was all about.
However, I learn that one of the speakers is Alison Thewliss - blogger, expectant mum and definate girly.
Yikes, I've just seen the clock and I don't have time to think of a witty pay-off line. Suggestions below please.


  1. Good luck with it all - you can do it! Mxx

  2. That all sounds very high powered and the dinner looks a bit glam.
    I'm sure your little people will bring you down to earth with a bang tho....

  3. pay-off line...
    Can't think of one, so I'm off to google 'girly'.

  4. M & SS, not that glam really - in fact the curry house under a flat CNA lived in once.

    The Dotterel, Mr D or Dot? Hi and thanks for the follow. Point taken. And I'm not sure where it puts Daddy bloggers. But it's fascinating to see men in suits suddenly noticing parents with laptops. Girly may be defined as: for women, the opposite of intimidating and inaccessible.

  5. You are more than capable and I'm sure the technie stuff won't be beyond you like it definitely would me. Have a great time.

    CJ xx


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