Sunday, 21 February 2010

Relative age, telly pioneer and a bad smell

Other things I've learned.

Lionel Jeffries was six years younger than Dick Van Dyke who played son Caractacus Potts to his Grandpa Potts. Lionel died this week.

John Logie Baird made the first long-distance television broadcast in 1927 from the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. The floors of the hotel are, apparently, still marked by Trigger's hoof prints from a visit with Roy Rogers. The hotel is being restored and will open again later this year.

The chips from the deep fat fryer are, indeed, scrumptious. HOwever, the fat smell isn't. It seems to hang about everywhere and, while housekeeping isn't our strongest suit, offends both the Panther and I. Does anyone know of a fryer that doesn't niff?


  1. No, but Yankee Candles (I'm not getting paid for this by the way) are really honking in a good way, and cover a multidue of sins, according to my human tin-opener.

    M x

  2. I'm trying the candle thing - but if they're too powerful they make the chips taste odd. A true dialemma.


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