Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tweets and Taggart

Things I've learned at work

Multitasking is possible - but only if one of the tasks is to tweet. At the recent Scottish Social Media Dinner, Scottish Lib-Dem campaign director Andy Reeves made the assertion. He reckoned it was the only time he could do two things at once: tweet a commentary and pay attention. I didn't get to see this in action as organiser Craig McGill had thoughtfully booked the bash into a basement where there was no mobile signal. However, it did get me wondering, is this the case? Are 140 hasty characters as rude and intrusive as making a phone call or doing the crossword? By the way, the dinner was excellent - food, speakers and interesting people.

Taggart's back. Six more episodes. I'm very excited - I've been a huge fan since the beginning. Excitement almost peaked when the crew were filming in a house just down the road here as I walked passed. So I'm a little concerned about how I might retain my icy cool demeanor if I bump into any of the cast at work.


  1. Hello there!! Stumbled upon you blog through not waving but ironing. This is such a lovely blog and i've made myself a follower! Come and visit me sometimes! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday so far. We're cold, wet and depressing down in east Sussex!X

  2. Hi Fely, Welcome. I'm just off to have a look. Thanks for your lovely comment. X


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