Wednesday, 3 March 2010

a dirty protest, being prepared and a bit of a worry

Things I've learned from my children today.

I know how 60-Minute Makeover team might have felt when faced with the Maze Prison. Boy Three is both confidently pulling himself up and very excited about having a bath. So as the bath runs he's happy to stand and peer in at the water. Tonight he was similarly engaged while I spent a few minutes putting his clothes away. I could hear his happy rambling and presumed he was just telling his raft of ducks how much he was looking forward to sinking them then gumming their heads. Not so. I looked back - he'd done a poo and was gleefully smearing it up the outside of the bath with his hands and squidging it between his toes. My frantic attempts to halt this exuberant daubing were met with hoots of laughter.

St Andrew's Ambulance don't need to worry. Boy Two helped with the ironing - this chore worth tackling because of the potential for injury. And clouds of steam are always a bonus. Inevitably he burned his finger and was sent to run it under the cold tap. His wise big brother - veteran of Cubs' first aid badge training offered his suggestion: "Just wrap it in tinfoil, it's the best thing for burns."

The devil and angel on Boy Two's shoulders are still fighting it out. Within about a minute he sweetly offered - and brought downstairs - his quilt for the ailing Panther. Don't worry, looks like a nasty case of man 'flu to me and neither appetite nor interest in football are diminished. Moments later I had to take him to task. Once more Boy Three burst into tears when his big brother happened to pass. It happened often enough for me to start sneakily watching. This time he defiantly dished out a swipe round the little chap's ear. "I've noticed you're sometimes being a bit more rough than you need to be with the baby," I was expecting excuses or a denial.
"Yes. I have."
"Why's that?"
"I'm a rough kind of boy."
He did look the tiniest bit abashed and promised not to do it again, but I'll be watching closely.


  1. Brilliantly written. Oh and the poo in the bath - been there, someone else did that. Bleugh.

  2. What a lovely day at your house.... Poo, man flu... burns... Ahhhh how cheery ;)

  3. Ew! Despite motherhood I still can't deal with poo!

  4. Sounds hectic. And sorry Panther of the news but football is a dead giveaway! I had to evacuate a swimming pool once when I small child did a poo in it..eeuch

  5. Love the picture! The ailing Panther and pooing boy, and patience testing boys are all part of the plan to keep you in the real world!! and boy, does it work! But you can rise above it all, if you think peautiful thoughts.....or not! Mxx

  6. What an adorable picture, although the subject's conduct did fall rather short of adorable xxx

  7. poo in the bath always fun to clean that up. not. love the photo though - what's not to love about cute baby bottoms? Well, apart from the poo...

  8. I'd forgotten all about that stage, now that my two are both of school age. I think poo smeared on an abacus was my personal low point. Every nook and cranny seemed to be filled – and there were a lot of nooks and crannies. Think I chucked it in the end.:)

  9. Liz, it's nasty isn't it?

    Wendy, situation normal!

    Glowstars, that bit doesn't get any better!

    TNMA, I'm not even going to think about how you resolved that - a big sieve? See I am thinking about it.

    Mum, am rising!

    Debbie, certainly didn't smell adorable.

    Heather, I had to get the whole thing sorted out quick before the others spotted and wanted to use it as a not bathing excuse.

    NWBI, I don't think I'd have hesitated about chucking it! Sounds horrid.


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