Thursday, 25 March 2010

Don't put a g in my sandwich

OK, I listen to a lot of radio and if the radio's not on, I'm probably eavesdropping. So I hear a lot of words. Perhaps that qualifies me to make the following observations.

You don't need to say 'impact upon' when you really mean 'affect'.

Changing tack means you are trying a different direction. Changing tact doesn't make any sense.

Sandwich has a d - and possibly ham and mustard - never a g.

Rememberability and Forgetability are not real words.

Pre-order is just the same as order. Have you ever tried post-ordering? Thought not. Likewise pre-arrange and pre-book.

If something is about to happen we are before the event, not ahead of it.

Blowing a gale - of course it's blowing.

Gale force winds - of course they're winds.

Generally we will 'try to' do something not 'try and'.

That's it from the desk drawer of linguistic rage for tonight, but, rest assured, there will be more.


  1. My friend just had twins or 'two twins' as other friends seem to insist on calling them. gggrrrr.

  2. Bill's 'biggie' is when folks say 'less' when what they mean is 'fewer.' He can go on about this ad nauseum.

  3. And have you noticed this one - the trouble is is that - as if it is all one word - thetroubleis is that!! You listen!...Oh and when did drawing ever have an r in the middle - drawring????? Mxx

  4. Time to join the pedants' revolt - led by Which Tyler

  5. Pedants unite ... !

    I work with a lot of Europeans who feel the need to try and tell me how English is spoken ... which gives me the rage when they get it horribly wrong

  6. Thanks for your comments. I think this will run and run. And Milton, tell Bill the less fewer thing deserves its own blog post. x

  7. 'I will be with you momentarily' - well, why bother at all?

    Damn I've joined in - now I am turning into my mother, in front of whom (ok?) I love to ask for a slither of cake until I'm bored OF it. This makes her blood boil. As does 'me an Donna went up the high street......and she goes "like, you know sortof like innit you know wot I mean like?" an I sez 'like yeah no I knowwotyoumean like you know sortof like"....'

    Unfortunately I do think this is big and clever.

  8. Hello MSG, Eating a slither of cake would be a change of tact for me and for some reason I'd find myself being pacific about the nature of the revenge I'd be extracting - a torture that would comprise of ... well more of this actually.

  9. pre-order has annoyed me for ages! I am so glad that you too have noticed for 'sammich' don't get me ranting.....

  10. Tattooed Mummy, It really brings on the rage... x


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