Monday, 8 March 2010

A good day at the office

I don't usually blog about work - blog is play and work is, well, work. But today it didn't feel like a proper job, it was fun so I thought I'd share.

Firstly it was looking for something a little different to say about the Oscars. I haven't seen either of the big films, but I know which one I'd rather buy some popcorn for. The clue is it doesn't rhyme with Bavitar. Here's what I wrote about Ms Bigelow's success.

Then, looking for a little levity that didn't involve laughing at ridiculous frocks I wrote this about what might have been said last night.

Of course, International Women's Day couldn't pass without some comment. Plenty of people had already made the point that in 100 years of IWD, there was still a truck load of work to be done. So I nipped out for a chat with Govan's finest on the subject - here.

I learned that there's a fantastic new production of Peter Pan heading for a stage near me. (Memo to self, get tickets for children whether they like it or not)

And, crikey, is that the time. Dash home, collect Boys, collect baby, buy food, cook food, clear up cooking and feeding, shout at Boys, put children to bed, and... sit down to do some work.

Only now I've got to post a blog about the perils of shopping with children on a shiny new website called It's for parents of children between the ages of five and ten and it's so new it's hardly out of the wrapper. In fact, if you want a preview, let me know and I'll get you an invite.

If this all sounds a tad smug, I'm sorry. Thing is, I know you're supposed to love your work and in the main, for most of the time, it's been Ok with flashes of hurrah. But today, for once and likely not repeated with quite such gusto, it was great fun. The Panther's playing football so I had to tell someone about it.

1 comment:

  1. you do make it sound exciting...all I did was
    count tablets
    shout at staff
    panic about keys
    count more tablets
    shout at staff
    shout at tablets
    count staff
    come home
    bath boy
    but actually you are fantastic!


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