Tuesday, 16 March 2010

hairy question, fairy tales and a growth spurt

Things I've learned from my children today.

There isn't a right time for a baby's first haircut. Boy Three has quite a lot of hair and some of it is rather long. It's not well distributed, however, the long bits are around the front and the back is short and fluffy. Some of the strands get glued to his face with snot or food and, apparently, that's not a happy state of affairs. But I know that the first chopping of soft baby hair somehow changes their little faces, turning them into toddlers. What should we do?

The Tooth Fairy lives. There has been a lot of wobbly tooth action in our house lately. Quite frankly the Tooth Fairy is a bit skint. But small boys' mouths have no regard for the economic turmoil in the land of TF. Boy Two lost another minuscule incisor at Granny's house on the last leg of the mammoth memorial weekend. The tooth was shoved into a Ziploc bag for safe keeping and we carried on home.
The Panther and I divided the work - feeding children, washing children, answering children's questions, wiping children's snot, phoning for takeaway, eating takeaway, unloading the car, unloading the bags, putting the washing machine on and finding some clothes for work. By the time we'd finished it was well past bedtime and, mea culpa, I forgot all about the wee chap's tooth. Next morning in the shower, I tried to muster some zing for the week ahead, Boy Two put his head around the door. He was fighting tears. "The Tooth Fairy didn't come," he sobbed although not so distressed as to need a hug and get an inadvertent washing.
For a moment, I thought he was having me on, but his misery seemed real.
"Oh dear," I improvised. "I'll send an email, I think it's on ToothFairy.com."
That night, in the nick of time, I remembered and shoved the going rate - £2 in our house - in a bag with a note: "Sorry I was late, love TF xx"
Shower face was a bit happier. "Morning mummy, the Tooth Fairy came."
"That's good. What did you get?"
"Anything else?"
"There was a note."
"Oh. What did it say?"
"None of your business."

Growth spurts happen when you're not looking. The Boys were going to join us in walking up Arnison Crag in memory of my brother. They'd agreed - although they didn't really know what they were in for.
"How far is it?"
"Two Beacons on top of each other."
The walk to the Beacon Pike above Penrith has been a measure of my life as long as I can remember.
Mollified they agreed without even a mutter.
In any case, it seemed like a good place to start and I knew there'd be plenty of other people bearing jelly babies to keep them going. The occasion called for proper boots - wellies or trainers just weren't going to be good enough and, besides, they increased the chance of blisters and whingeing. So off to the outdoor shop in Glenridding. Once the Boys had established they could have A a spork and B a whistle, we settled down to the business of getting booted. Boy One's feet wouldn't go into the size threes I thought should fit him. The Helpful Lady measured him: "Look he's a five."
Oh dear, his school shoes - bought in September are three and a half. Ho hum, I suppose I should have noticed. However, I'm pleased to report that the newly shod feet made it to the top of the hill without a single complaint. Well done Boys.


  1. Yes, very, very, well done boys for getting to the top.

    And most impressed with that 'technologically with it' tooth fairy.

    As far as kitten's go, the tooth fairy is neither here or there...count yourselves lucky! M x

  2. A lot of this sounds familiar! My boys had their hair cut last week and my 20 month old had his done only for the second time in his life. It needed to be done because it was so long, but he looks so grown up now! And both my boys were in shoes two sizes two small. I get their feet regularly checked and then suddenly they grow and you feel bad for not noticing. How funny about the tooth fairy forgetting!

  3. Yes, the tooth fairy forgot to come in our house last time too (though ours is a bit of a skinflint at only £1 per tooth). I woke up the following morning to the sound of a desperate wail, followed by sobbing. The guilt was terrible. I made sure I remembered the next evening though!

  4. Granny's got a wobbly tooth - what do you think the Tooth Fairy's going rate is for an antique?? And the boots were definitely of the 'go fast' type - well done boys! Mxx

  5. I reckon it's a mothering rite of passage to forget the need to be the tooth fairy. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

  6. Anyway, how would you get Boy 3 to stay still long enough to have his hair cut? Mxx

  7. 1) No chopping baby hair! they loose their baby face :(

    2) Tooth fairy often visits our house at about 4.30 in the morning when I suddenly realise I forgot - she tends to leave whatever loose change I could find....

    3) Glad he has new shoes - those big feet do just sneak up on you...

  8. I absolutely love that your son doesn't want you to know what the tooth fairy wrote him. Kids are so funny about privacy! This story will certainly be worth dusting off and telling him once he's a Cool Teenager...

  9. Oooh, I'm so glad I'm past the snot stage. And that's quite an achievement to reach the top. I guess the tooth fairy will be extra generous now!

    CJ xx

  10. URGENT UPDATE: The Panther of News requests I amend my report with the fact that it was he who remembered about the Tooth Fairy in the nick of time.

    NOT UNGENT UPDATE: Boy Three's hair still not cut, Boy One's new shoes still not bought and Tooth Fairy restored to Christmas Card list.

  11. I love the fact that you sent the Tooth Fairy an email. I'll have to remember thast one. He nearly forgot to come here last week. I'm not sure why I'm saying he. I suppose the Tooth Fairy must be a she. Now there's a question!


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