Saturday, 24 April 2010

French fancies and a little light music...

Things I learned from my children today.

There really isn't any point in taking little children anywhere special. Wait until they are at school. Boys One and Two had a lovely Easter holiday in EuroDisney with their dad and his mother. They - eventually, thank you Icelandic volcano - came home bubbling with stories about Small World, the Phantom Mansion, Mickey and the parades. Thing is, we went before about five years ago and did all those things. Now, however, they have no recallection at all. Not even the vaguest notion of familiarity.

The Mona Lisa is too small to be famous. During their French foray Boys One and Two went to Paris, The Louvre no less. And the verdict from Boy Two: "It's too small to be that famous."

Music is a question of taste. Boy One has decided he's a fan of rock 'n' roll. Only "not if it's too rock or too roll". Fair enough.

Music is a question of taste. Number Two. Boy Three has a favourite song and, arguably, a word. He likes doing Row Row, Row Your Boat. And now rocks, grinning and yelling "Row, Row". His cousin Baby G knows all the verses and is an expert - time for a visit soon.

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  1. Ally doesn't even remember me carrying him on my shoulders for two hours during the parade, I was 6ft tall before that trip. he is right about the Mona Lisa though, never bought into that. Row is a great song


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