Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The sun has got his hat on and his factor 50 and his sandals

OK, I'm done with dog poo - from a blog point of view - but it does herald the start of summer.
I've also just seen in Glasgow Central Station a girl with short shorts and blue tinged legs crossing paths with a woman in a padded coat, woollen hat and gloves. That's a pretty good sign too.
The sight of her poor goose-bumped flesh set me thinking that the season is often a mixed blessing.

Summer good: Spirit-lifting sunshine and blue (currently clear) skies.
Summer bad: Spirit-crushing revisiting of summer wardrobe. Overwinter fabric shrinkage in evidence.

Summer good: Kids playing outside, free like little birdies.
Summer bad: Kids milk-bottle white and ginger. Daily sun-block battle.

Summer good: Blue-birds nesting in box made by Boys at scouts. Busy little birds flitting around to build home for offspring.
Summer bad: Wasps nesting in climbing frame and eaves of porch. Busy little insects flitting around etc.

Summer good: No coats, gloves and other bumfully and annoying accessories.
Summer bad: Pale, be-veined legs needing urgent deforestation.

Summer good: Lovely illusion of health from sun-kissed skin.
Summer bad: Sun-kissed illusion must be faked and no one likes tangerine, streaks or horrid orangy palms. Not to mention the smell.

Summer good: Weddings, parties, hols, BBQs and fairs.
Summer bad: They're all on the same weekend.

Summer good: Last Big Brother (whichever way you look at it).
Summer bad: World Cup.

Summer good: No socks.
Summer bad: Last year's nail varnish (in a hue called zeitgeist, no less) has gone solid.

Summer good: Lovely lush foliage springing forth.
Summer bad: Ruddy grass.


  1. I love the summer. Really love everything about it. But this is spring! I can't understand why people are in shorts and flip flops! embrace spring!

  2. They don't do spring very well here - it's either all your clothes on at once or hardly any of them!


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