Monday, 5 April 2010

Songs for a bloggy birthday

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear blo-og, happy birthday to you.
My blog is very nearly three years old. Since April 2007 it has grown from a feeble, unformed babe in arms to a stroppy toddler who knows perfectly well how to get into the biscuit tin by herself and that wellies and glittery tights are a good look. Or something.
At the very least, I've learned the value of blogging and how this whole community thing works.
I've expanded my outlook and I also blog at Ready For Ten.
Now this weekend I've been nominated in The Mads - the Mummy and Daddy Blog Awards - and I'm very flattered and not a little chuffed. (Thanks Jo)
Then I got tagged in a blog which, furthermore, I actually understood. *whispers* So far a lot of the blog-lingo and games were a bit mysterious. And the lovely and talented Ms Babyrambles proposed the idea of the infinate playlist - records you'd never tire of listening to.
So thanks for asking Ms B and here's mine:
Cole Porter's Don't Fence Me In by David Byrne
I Dreamed a Dream from Les Mis (in the top five before Subo got her hands on it)
Hallelujah the Leonard Cohen version
Don't Go by the Hothouse Flowers
Oooh, number five is difficult. I'll go for Cracklin' Rosie by Neil Diamond but reserve the right to change at the last minute.
Now Carrots and Kids, It's a mummy's life, Rosie Scribble, Fionaoutdoors and Milton consider yourselves tagged.


  1. Er actually... can I trade Neil Diamond for Johnny Cash's Walk the Line with a side order of Rolf Harris' Two Little Boys?

  2. What about Hotel California? That's surely an all-time sing-in-the-car song (when no-one else is listening, of course! Mxx

  3. OK, so mine are:

    God Only Knows (not sure if I was influenced by the Hotel California mention!):

    James - Fred Astaire

    or Laid:

    Have to include Boomtown Rats because of my massive lifelong crush on BG:

    After I had Cara, once I was feeling normal again we were moved into a room on our own and she was lying in bed with me and this song came into my head (not sure which version) but don't think I could ever hear it again without crying:

    As you've mentioned Johnny, I don't think I could ever listen to a Boy named Sue without smiling:

    What a Beautiful Day:

    And of course:
    Fairy Tale of New York (which we often duet in the car and Cara is obsessed with, to our shame!):

    I could go on!!

  4. I can't believe I forgot one of my all time favourite songs:

    who could listen to this without wiggling their hips?

  5. Thanks for doing the meme! I love Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, although didn't he write over 60 verses for it? Since doing my list I keep thinking of other songs I wanted to put in. I think this mneme should have 20 songs.


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