Saturday, 1 May 2010

A month for springing forward... no?

Things I've learned during April

The train makes for a very smooth transition for the big Boys from their dad's. I've written before about the trials of transitionitis at Readyforten. So when the ash clouds stranded the Boys at Euro Disney, poor lambs, and they had to come back by train I thought I was in for a rough ride. Eventually they were delivered to me at Birmingham New Street and the three of us had a thoroughly pleasant six-hour journey home. Really.

PD James writes lovely books. The Private Patient is no exception. Actually I didn't learn it, but I just rediscovered it.

Boys of all ages like a den. Boy Two had his eighth birthday this month. He picked his present after a long hard think over an Argos catalogue. He wanted a new bed and this is what he chose. Since we built it all the boys in the family from the Panther, 43, to Boy Three, ten months, seem to find it impossible to resist the lure of the tent/cave/den/whatever.

Blogging is 'proper'. I've been writing at readyforten for a couple of months for now and it's really picking up momentum. I've 'met' some fabulous writers and written about the election, middle children, our trip to Northumberland and ideas for getting children reading.

The election is actually quite interesting. Hmm. This is probably because I'm now around the same age as some of the candidates. Maybe. I've also written a bit about what it means for women at resisting, without much difficulty, commenting on what the women look like. That wouldn't help, would it? And while still officially floating, I was impressed by the Lib Dem's manifesto promises to address the portrayal of women in the media. Maybe this could be extended to the portrayal of women in cartoons and toyshops. I was appalled to see that Dora the Explorer now cares about getting her hair done. (Removes Milly Tant's Doc Martin's)

Edinburgh is a long way to go for a show, even if it is Les Miserables. Great show, comedy sketch journey with the Panther of News.

Next month, I am hoping to get round to putting up the five-a-day fruit and veg chart, get a virtual gastric band (by hypnosis), see Whistle Down the Wind with my Super Sister and Mother (who is super too), celebrate my 43rd birthday and get rid of some of the clutter.


  1. Forgot to mention I stole the idea from Rosiescribble, who stole it from Englishmum and Littlemummy. x

  2. Loads of great stuff there which is why I feel somewhat shallow for asking - virtual gastric band?!!!

  3. Deb, actually all will eventually be revealed (not all all) in yr very organ. But lovely hypnotherapy lady does it and am having a go. Will be twiglet shortly.

  4. I'm older than Cameron and Clegg which is slightly depressing - and I'd completely forgotten about Milly Tant. V funny!

  5. Nicely done. I can see posts like this becoming a monthly occurrence! Ready for Ten sounds like a site worth visiting :)

  6. Very funny, loved the sausage


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