Saturday, 22 May 2010

Worm holes, the Rubicon cross code and boozer babies

Coalition is a splendrous thing... while it lasts. Boys One and Two spent a diligent afternoon in den building. Here's the result.

Pluto is in the Kyper Belt and it's 'only' a dwarf planet. Boy One was fascinating me with his outer-space chat at breakfast time and we fell to discussing space travel. He believes a space probe should be sent to Pluto but that the problems of the great distance and length of Plutonian years may cause difficulties. He also suggested that the traveller may pass through a worm hole. I asked him what a worm hole is. "It's like a portal and you can travel through time and space. Imagine this is the Kyper Belt and you've found that the gap between the table and the high chair here is a worm hole, then that bit there by the door could be absolutely anywhere and any time."

Growing up is harder for me than them sometimes. This week Boy Two has gone off on his bike with his pal to the park for the first time. It's what, for me, childhood and living here should be all about, but, goodness it was nerve-wracking. The park is about a quarter of a mile a way and the roads are fairly quiet. He knows the route and we've been through the 'look both ways' drill a million times. PoN passed them on the road and said they looked "quite the thing", confident and careful I hoped. Isn't it funny though how all kinds of nasty stuff flashes through your head? What's to be scared of? Cars - well they should know by know how to cross the road. Accidents - yes, but it's part of life and there are two of them so one would, presumably, get help. Bogie men - Rory Blackhall, Maddie McCann were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is nothing we can do to protect against psychopaths but luckily there are very, very few of them.
(I was trying to work up something about crossing the road being easier than crossing the Rubicon, but, not surprisingly, I couldn't get it to work)

Babies and drunks have a lot in common. Boy Three has started to pull himself onto his feet and, with support, take a step or too. It's very funny and much like those bendy sort of characters you see two-step-forward-one-backing their way from the boozer in town. You know, leg wide to the side, as if not certain of the horizontal. And that's not where the similarity ends. Babies smell, rant, shout, puke, want one thing then change their minds, love you fantastically for a moment then hate you. They are greedy and rude.

UPDATE: I am informed that it is actually Kuiper not Kyper. Now you know.


  1. I really enjoyed this! Lovely post. I love the things they come out with to explain stuff to their parents!
    My DD (10) went 'downtown' on her scooter is hair-raising!
    DS1 is off on his DofE practice expedition in this heat and I am desperate to call and check he's ok but I'm not allowed. The pain of parenthood. I want to yank the umbilical chord and reel 'em all in!
    I am beyond the babyhood stage (at last) but, oh, the demands of those adorable tyrants!
    A really enjoyable read, thanks!

  2. Christine, Thanks v much. I hope DS1 returned intact and with his character much built.

  3. What a lovely picture! They have obviously had a fabulous time.

    That drunk baby reminds me so much of Amy, I can see her now fumbling along the sofa and then taking those first few steps.

    CJ xx

  4. Thanks CJ they did, while it lasted. x


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