Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What do you read in the lav?

Not long ago I was chuffed to discover that this 'umble blog was the lavvy reading of choice at the home of a pal. For the smartphone generation littlest-room reading has no limits - with your pants around your ankles you can google yourself to where ever you fancy.

Is it me, or is the notion of having a phone in your hand as you perch on the throne ever so slightly ikky? Or just wrong - like flossing at your desk, waxing in the kitchen or blowing your nose on the antimacassar? Oh heck. Not, obviously that there's anything wrong with Family H-A at all, in the slightest. Please keep reading my ramblings whatever you're up to.

And why is browsing the BlackBerry or leafing through the iPhone off when reading proper, printed pages absolutely not? Toilet literature is a long and noble tradition... Hands up if your dad didn't like getting a 'loo book' in his stocking. One of my favourites from childhood was called Dinkum Dunnies.

Work avoidance took a new twist today when the heap of stuff by the WC caught my attention. Upon sorting I found that the reading-matter fell into four categories.

Lavatory laughs.

These include volumes of poetry and the aforementioned loo books.

Duty in the dunnie.

The kind of should-read snooze fests that can only be tolerated in bursts of approximately a minute. Presumably the idea of taking them to the toilet is do a bit of educational multi-tasking. Get Into Bed With Google is one.

Pissoir finger on the pulse

Yesterday's paper. The supplements from the weekend. Which? magazine. No other time to keep up, more multi-tasking.

Rest-room for improvement

Probably my favourite. This is where I make my dreams come true by reading some improving tract, a page or so at a time. Books on fashion, dieting, fitness, deportment, mental clarity and spirituality have all been consumed thus. The current project is How To Declutter Your Home. Nuff said.

Now having rumbled my bog browsing habits I'm going to take them out of the cludgie (so to speak). It's clear no clutter will get shifted by reading a page a day - there will, sooner or later, follow a journal of my journey to minimalism. Yeah right!


  1. When you've cracked the decluttering thing, could you tell me the secret, please?
    Stuff is breeding around here, I'm convinced.

  2. Deb, don't hold your breath. x

  3. Someday I will get to read in the bathroom, for now it is a pipe dream as I can never even manage to get there on my OWN..........a few minutes on my own would be blissful!! Jen.

  4. Jen, there is that aspect too. Boy One is fascinated by the loo and ages trying to reach the water. I'm sure the v early potty training brigade would say it shows he's ready to use it... he's only a year old and I simply don't have the energy. x

  5. Erm, Ellen, surely you mean Boy Three in your last comment. I think Boy One is well past the age you could claim 'early potty training'!

    As for the post, au contraire, reading a phone in the lav is much less icky than reading books - especially books that live in bathrooms for decades (it happens!) - you can't clean a book with a baby wipe, can you?

    My favoured loo reading is the weekend supplements from the papers. I leave them in there for a week and then recycle them, although I do often read the articles in two minute sections and can end up with a bit of a jumbled interpretation.

    Decluttering - I guess your house is too big to justify this, but I have just hired a storage room for £100 for 8 weeks and plan to stick anything I don't think we need in there. Anything we haven't needed (within reason, I suppose we should keep the tent) will go to the big storage unit at the dump!

  6. Jo, You're right it's confusing. Boy Three is one, Boy Two is eight and Boy One is ten. How am I supposed to keep on top of that?

    Is a storage room a posh way of saying skip. We got one of them once - it was great.

  7. I'm not sure what it says about me that although my normal reading matter is the Week (it's that catching up thing, isn't it?), in the run up to our wedding (5 years ago but still) it was the place I went to to read the pre-marriage stuff the vicar had forced on us... Still have the book there, actually, can't say i've looked at it in, ooh, about five years.

  8. Um, I read whatever is handy. I NEED to be reading. I find a copy of some (ahem) crap women's magazine from June 2009 I've read several times or I even resort to reading... the ingredients or instructions on shampoo and bleach bottles. I tend not to take my favourite books/books I am reading in there as if I do I'll end up sitting there all day (it's the only room in the house I can get peace to read).

    1. I don't yet get peace to read - my children have an urge to find me the minute I sit down.


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