Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Why I'm up for the World Cup

Things I've learned from World Cup 2010

My chum Ladyblablahs blogged about the fact that her World Cup is not running over which put me to pondering...

Vuvuzelas and cat bells have a similar function. The vuvuzela may end up being the lasting legacy of this year's outing. It'll go on the souvenir shelf with the WAGs, Four Lions, Beckham's grumpy kicking thing and Ally's Army. I've heard one in the flesh and they're very noisy and I really wouldn't want the lady next door to take it up as a hobby, but actually I quite like them. It tells me when there's a game on and that someone's watching it. From a distance it's a little like a few bees going at a lilac tree.

Passion is what's missing. Apparently. England were a bit rubbish on Friday night although they didn't lose. Which in Scotland is something of a victory (ducks and hides under desk). It seems everyone who understands these things agreed they lacked passion. They couldn't possibly mean that some of the country's top sportsmen went out in front of the world to play a really important game and didn't try very hard, did they? Mebbe it's Nick Clegg's fault too.

Thierry Henry might have va-va-voom but he doesn't have any friends in Ireland. Seemingly, he got his national team into the tournament by cheating in a game against Ireland. Shocking, but still VVV.

The fans are going through it with Rooney et al too. The Panther of News loves his football and, naturally, has been following his country's team. As he left to watch Friday's game at a pal's house, he gulped, drew himself tall and said: "Wish me luck." Duly mustered he marched forward.

Anyone But England seems a little more moderate this year. Or perhaps I just don't get out much. I wrote about the peculiarity of being an Englishwoman in Scotland when these national events come round. However, this year, it's been fine. I wonder what'll happen tomorrow though.

For me the World Cup has been a colourful and amusing distraction: I watched the dung beetle at the opening ceremony, wrote about WAGs, followed it from afar (or online). I didn't think I cared, but I hope tomorrow doesn't mean a trip to the airport for the England squad.


  1. Apparently, I'm doing the world cup all wrong. I need to get some cans in, draw the curtains and ENJOY!

  2. Oh gosh. I'm not actually suggesting you watch any of the games.. no, no! Just go with the flow. It'll be over soon enough.

  3. I am not into the world cup at all and I have no idea what a vuv..... thingy is, must go google it. I have seen it mentioned in posts so many times now I must be the only person in blogland not to know what it is!! Jen

  4. I thought the dung beetle was quite bizarre.

    No, I not really getting into that much this year either, I do think those bloody horns are ruining the atmosphere. I want to hear the fans sing. It's amusing though to see the French inwardly collapse though...

  5. Oh I like it this year - it's really unpredictable, there have been a few upsets and high scorelines and England have been rubbish (no change there). Also, quite fond of the vuvuzelas and haven't turned the sound down once!

  6. Jen, You haven't missed much - think party hooter only more irritating.

    VBiC, Agree the French are the perfect study in petulance.

    TNMA, there has been plenty to follow even if you don't care about football as such.


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