Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Not wordless Wednesday... but speechless

Shame on you London Sealife Aquarium for this notice in the lift.

At £34 for Boys One, Three and I to have a wander around, I expect better. No fault with the fish, but I hope to get good spelling from somewhere that purports to be educational.

And now Boy One has seen your film about shark nets - which are a jolly Bad Thing - I'm expected, on a regular basis, to do something about the plight of the creatures.

We did learn something, however, about pick 'n' mix sweeties. That is they do not work as a means to keep a 13-month-old quiet while you watch shark-based propaganda. Sure they're effective for the first five minutes, but small children accustomed to freedom of movement get a bit squeaky when their arms are gummed to their sides by half-chewed jelly crustaceans.


  1. Hi Ellen, I enjoyed your post (found you through "Scottish Roundup"). Gaffer tape is a very handy accessory when dealing with small, squeeky children!

  2. Hi BND, thanks for coming. Gaffer tape would be an excellent changing bag must-have. Why didn't I think of that?


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