Monday, 2 August 2010

July - phew what a scorcher!

July began with a proper scorcher on our Turkish adventure, continued at a blistering pace with other travels and outings and skidded to a halt with a Significant anniversary.

Here's a little look at the things I've learned this month.

The train really does take the strain. We flew the four and a half hours to Turkey and endured a bruising boring non-stop wrestle with Boy Three who hates to be restrained. We trundled by train for eight or so hours to see sister-in-law Lovely L in Hampshire and arrived smiling and relatively unscathed. Plus it was more than £700 cheaper than flying from Glasgow to Southampton.

A ramekin (or ten) may be the window to my soul. It seems the world is divided into keepers and chuckers. I'm one of the former but hoping to change. I now have a date in the calendar for mum to come and help me finish the job. Panther and the Boys, you have been warned.

Mum's still the word. Boy One and I had a tussle over what he should call me, eventually we've settled for 'mother', but the M-word and its variants caused a few more pauses this month. My nephew Baby G is blessed with two mummies. When Lovely L arrived at the door of Granny's house this weekend, her boys C and N were told: "Mummy's here." Baby G got off one of his mummy's laps and hurtled to the door only to find bewilderment because it wasn't mummy at all.

Whatever happens time will pass, things will change and yet they'll stay the same. We've travelled a year since my brother died suddenly at 38. It has been one of the darkest, longest years of my 43. However, it has also brought astounding dollops of joy and some really important lessons a few of which follow.
Just when you think the worst has happened, something else goes wrong. You can survive the worst thing.
No matter what, the sun will still rise.
Children - wonderful, selfish, growing children - don't have any truck with self pity.
A good family is a splendid, indispensable thing and a blessing.
Scars - physical and emotional - should be worn with pride, they are badges of a life properly inhabited. And, if you've got a day, seize it with both hands...


  1. well said!
    Couldn't find the right words to describe the significant anniversary - and you did!

  2. I was thinking of you all over the last week or so. I'm glad you were together, and am v. impressed that you have been able to take positive lessons away from even this very bleak period. You have such a tenacious spirit, and I really admire that in you.

    You know we are all there for you and yours.

    J, R and C xxx


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