Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New alias and a school-based panic

I've persuaded the lovely folk at to clear a corner for me to blog about family matters, the telly and probably some other stuff.
To kick things off, I've talked about the almightly flap I got in the day before the term started. I'm also looking for suggestions for things that might help.

Click on the text for the full story.

Have your kids gone back yet? Most of the schools in Scotland go back this week. For my boys it was yesterday and I'm still reeling.

I'm a deadline kind of person, always have been. I leave everything to the last minute. In fact, I don't think I've ever got anything much done without a deadline. I'll be frantically tidying before my mother arrives, throwing on a clean shirt as the taxi is beeping its horn and finishing off the mince pies while the big fellow lands his sleigh on the roof.

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  1. PS I haven't moved - I'll still be blogging here too.


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