Monday, 2 August 2010

Play time at Granny's house - Gallery

Tara's Gallery this week has the fun-filled suggestion playtime as its theme.
Here I am hot-foot from a weekend at Granny's where her smallest grandsons had a fine old time.
Among the fine feasts, stories and compulsory helpings of fresh air there were jigsaws, wind-up snails, sofa safaris, tractors and wheelbarrow rides. So far so normal for a weekend at Granny's, I hear you yell.
The thing is, we grown-ups were there to mark (or otherwise get through) a particularly painful anniversary. Yet, I was struck for the first time in a great many months how when the kids played and giggled, the adults played and giggled too.


  1. Nothing better than riding in a wheelbarrow :))

  2. My two are always wheelbarrow racing at their Granny's too! Lovely fun pictures. Would you come over and share them at the Play Academy?

  3. Wheelbarrows!! AWESOME fun!!! =D

  4. Ww, thanks x

    Cathy, sure x

    Louise, they were x

  5. How lovely - they look like they're having a brilliant time playing together


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