Thursday, 23 September 2010

A sucker for glitter and other domestic tales

Things I've learned from my children

Hoovering Boy Three's head does not remove glitter.
A visiting child inexplicably managed to pour glitter over Boy Three and much of the kitchen. Glitter is tenacious stuff.

An interview with the headteacher is still a scary experience. Boy Two and a Little Friend D have been in a bit of bother. Apparently they are unruly on the unsupervised school bus and once, in particular, it got far out of hand with another child's tie getting damaged. My lectures seemed to fall short of the mark, but ten minutes with the formidable Mrs V seems to have hit the spot. Let's hope so anyway.

Success is relative.
Boy One took part in the Gryffe High School fun run today. A couple of feeder primaries' oldest kids were invited to join in. Not a natural athlete, Boy One gave it a game go and was chuffed to come in not last, and not even second, third or fourth last. For him it was a huge achievement when you think that only a couple of years ago he couldn't cope with the upheaval of sports day.


  1. It is a well known fact that once glitter is applied to a child's head it never ever shall be totally removed, forevermore they shall 'catch' the light

  2. It does appear to be the stickiest stuff. I washed his hair and used the nit comb, but he's still all sparkly.

  3. Kinda suits him though xx

  4. Perhaps Boy 1 will start a new fachion trend; and Well Done, Altair! Boy 2 is he the leader or the led,I wonder?

  5. Jo, well he didn't seem to mind. Although he shared and we are now all a little bit sparkly.

    Mum, (it's uncanny how I can always tell) I think Boy Three was probably led, but still...


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