Friday, 10 December 2010

Something for the weekend - a Yuu Bag competition

I'm offering you, my lucky, lucky blog visitors, the once in a lunch-time chance to win a fantastic new Yuu Bag.

What's a Yuu Bag I hear you ask? I didn't know until Boy Two spotted one advertised on TV and began a campaign. It is the very latest thing in schoolbags. Cooler even than the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo.

Basically it's a backpack with lots of pockets, features and the kind of free stuff kids love. It is semi-rigid so when it's open it turns into a desk, or activity bag if you will.

"That's awesome. It means I can do my homework on the bus without my handwriting being really bad," this is the best bit, apparently.

I think I was so shocked at not being nagged into getting some high-tech game or piece of plastic nonsense that I crumbled and bought one.

Later, I'd had to deal with the girls at Yuu World (where you get Yuu bags, of course) and, as well as offering some of the best customer service I've experienced in a very long time, they asked if I'd like to host a Yuu Bag competition.

All you have to do to win a Golden Ticket (aka a voucher for a Yuu Bag - there are so many options it's easier this way) is leave a comment here and next Friday (December 17) I'll pull a name out of a hat and send you your Golden Ticket. Simples.

Oh and seeing as how you're here, it would be really nice if you went and looked at some other posts, so I didn't think you were just here for the goodies.


  1. I always read your blog, but only comment for a competition! Think yuu bag sounds fab however not sure it will ever be used for homework. Think this was child's pitch. My child assured me that Brain Training on a Nintendo DS would be great for him. Yes, you guessed right can play DS for hours - never on Brain Training.

  2. hahaha, loved the last line, but seeing as how I comment (mostly) I think I will get away with entering? Jen

  3. Thinkk I've commented before, or we've def chatted on Twitter. Sounds great!

  4. I do comment and am not only a comp whore, although you would never guess lately!

  5. I'm commenting (though I have in the past too! Honest Miss) and will pop off for a peep around now too!

  6. That bag sounds ace. If I won would be bad if I used it for myself instead of the kids?

  7. *waves* I'm a newbie popping over from the blog hop - enticed by your lovely comp but I promise not to be a one hit wonder! I'm following now x


  8. If I win does it then become a me bag?

  9. That's a great bag, my little girl would love a pink one! You did get a lot of snow your way... we had a dusting here, not enough to roll up a snowmen so have to content ourselves with stroking fake (and strangely furry) snow outside John Lewis

  10. Hello. I'm a new follower from 'Blow your own bloghorn' *waves*.

    I've spotted those bags and they look gorgeous! Please pop my name in the hat :-D!.

    Thank you!

  11. It looks fab but not sure my DS1 could manage neat handwriting on the bus (or anywhere come to think of it ;-)). Know this is just the sort of thing he'd love though. Fingers & toes crossed...

  12. Liz, ... and dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants

    Jen, oh I think you'll be fine

    Liveotherwise, of course you can enter, I was only trying to drum up some traffic.

    The Madhouse, perish the thought!

    Hi Christine *waves*

    Misssy M, would you pick a boomerang or a stopwatch for your bag?

    Hi STM and welcome.

    Anonymous (that you Panther?) - it would be a Mee bag, obviously.

    Crafty Creative, that'll be special John Lewis festive snow!

    Mom on a Wire, hi and welcome.

    Dirtgirl 69, good luck and hi.

  13. I'm just here for the goodies*

    *Not really. I always read your blog. x

  14. great blog and a fantastic idea to get the kids into bags like mummy!!!


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