Monday, 10 January 2011

Slimpod - fat chance or a step in the right direction

It's that time of year again. It's the time of year when the couragous take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and decide that Something Has To Change. Resolutions made all over the place: I'll get back into those clothes, lose the baby bulge before he goes to school and, in my case, see my feet without leaning over so far. Some former colleagues even gave tabloid readers something of a shock with their efforts this morning.

Actually this year I'm setting off from a position of advantage. I'm a whole kilo lighter than I was a month ago. It's kilos for me for the same reason I prefer shopping in dollars or euros - it's not real currency. And when you think that over the festives I made free with the Panther's jelly babies (no that's not a euphemism) and discovered a bit of a passion for a certain alcoholic ginger beer (oh, I say!) it's really very good news.

"How has this miracle been achieved?" I hear you yell. By the wonder that is the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod. Oooh. Those of you who think that hypnotherapy is bunk, can amuse themselves here.

With a promise of "no guilt and no calories, no diet and no stress", all you have to do is listen to a CD or MP3 file that lasts 10 minutes just before you go to sleep. Listen to it every night for three weeks and you'll start to know what your body wants you to eat. Oddly my body still wants me to eat Green and Black's Maya Gold and toast slathered with butter, however, it doesn't want me to eat quite so much of it.

I'm going to have another bout of listening to the chap, just to make sure, but it certainly feels like I'm going in the right direction and soon I won't have to tip quite so far forward to see my toes.

And, yes, this isn't the first time I've dabbled in what some might say is tenuous at best (One friend called it "hocus pocus, hippy nonsense", actually they didn't use the word nonsense...). I had a virtual gastric band by hypnotherapy last year. Logically, it took a few goes of hypnotherapy to finally give up smoking so it's not surprising giving up pigging out isn't going to happen over night.

So, tonight, I'm going to bed to have a nice man murmur in my ear again and with a bit of luck the result will be there's rather less of me as the days go by.



  1. I'm doing this too. Only, I'm distracted by his flipping gorgeous voice.

    I'm hoping something has an effect soon...

  2. I'm going to keep listening to it because quite often I fall asleep before he's finished.

  3. Now why do I not get offered good stuff like this - I don't need a chip pan, I need to lose 5 kilos!

    Sounds like you're doing fab - keep it up!

  4. MAM, that's interesting. The Panther - a Yorkshireman - spent a lot of energy telling me that a good chip fryer would, in fact, be a way to eat more healthily. Is that not true?

  5. ooh! Do you think they'd put one on ice for me until after this bump has gone away? I'm not sure thinking myself slim is going to work for the next five months or so, but I'm definitely going to need it after that!


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