Monday, 31 January 2011

Things I learned in January (AKA the blog clutter drawer)

Inspired by Giggling At It All's monthly roundup, I thought I'd bring you the stuff that didn't fit in anywhere else.
If you like, this is the blog equivalent of that corner of the kitchen...

There's more to a sitcom than meets the eye. My chum Debbie and I watch a filming of The Life of Riley at the BBC. Loved watching the set people painstakingly reproducing a messy house from photos. And Janey Godley, comedian, who kept us all laughing was a find.

Room by Emma Donoghue is troubling and compelling.
The story of a boy and his mother held captive, their escape and what the world makes of them. Read it and don't sleep!

Scottish Law caught up with the 21st century. As if by Tardis, the judiciary leaped centuries and allowed journalists to tweet from court. It made the sentencing of Tommy Sheridan more interesting than it already was.

I learned what my face looks like when I talk. Odd, you'd think I knew, but I didn't. I did my first Vlog this month. Rather uninspiring it was a sponsored post about hair colour. I might even do it again.

I learned that memory fades. It fades enough to allow me to enter the Moonwalk again, even though I promised never again after the last one.

There's a concert for autism coming up. Celtic Music Radio presents Folk For Autism featuring Skerryvore and Special Guests at Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket on Thursday 21st April 2011, 7.30pm. Tickets at Glasgow Concert Halls.

Photo: Boy One sang the Skyscraper Wean at his class Burns celebration.


  1. Glad I inspired you and wondering why you don't want to do the Moonwalk again even though you are doing so.
    I have always fancied it

  2. Hi Mumsarcade, Ah, good question. It's because the last time I did the Moonwalk, I didn't train and it was horrid. I'm writing about it here

  3. I'm blog hopping today. So happy I found your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  4. Hi Katie and welcome. Thanks for coming by and I'm glad you like it. x


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