Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Moonwalking: no we haven't given up yet

In the interests of keeping you up to date, it's time for the Moonwalk moment.

My partner in this lunacy, Lady Blahblahs learned a few things on her first training walk. I'm a little awed by the sheer shininess of her trainers.

Meanwhile, I had a go at Zumba, I Zumbaed, I did Zumba-y exercise and I moved in a Zumbaly manner. (Look, if Google can become a verb, it's open season for gramatical newcomers.) And I went for a splendid evening walk with Fionaoutdoors during which we covered a great many subjects.

Ah, and, to important matters. I now have a fundraising page so you can sponsor me. I'd recommend getting in early before the, ah, rush...

Pic: any resemblence these snails may have to any Moonwalkers is entirely co-incidental.


  1. Zumba-d will be in the next Oxford dictionary and will point to your blog :) Jen

  2. Jen, will it be Zumba-d or Zumbaed?


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