Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Is there ever an excuse for bad manners?

My boys aren't angels, far from it. They have more than their fair share of rude and revolting moments.

But today one of them was greeted by an adult's appalling ignorance. Boy Two and his little friend G were playing one of their endless and elaborate games in the garden. It involved a trampoline and a football - trampball or footoline, if you will.

Perhaps inevitably the ball went over the fence into next door's garden. Reminded to observe their Ps and Qs Boy Two and G trotted off to ask for it back. They could have just walked into the garden and picked it up in seconds without anyone noticing, but they didn't, they asked nicely because I told them to.

A wide-eyed and slightly shaken Boy Two recounted the following response from the man next door: "I'm too busy to get it. I'll do it later. Now, go away." And he slammed the door on the pair.

Even if he is too busy a more mannerly response might be nice, or even suggesting they go and collect it themselves.

Should I have marched around in a state of High Dudgeon (whatever that might be) and demand an apology or should I mark it down as another life lesson for the nine-year-old and his little pal?


  1. If you can get into his garden without breaking anything I would walk over and get it. What an arse!

  2. I don't think I would have gone over to confront him, and I agree with Ryan. I would have just walked into into his yard and got the ball back after. If he got upset you could have told him you were trying to be considerate in the first place, but since he was too busy and shut the door on your son, you thought you'd save him the trouble. Sorry he was such a jerk! x

  3. If YOU had asked for the ball,would he have reacted the same? I'd have been tempted to leave it a couple of hours, then go and ask myself. If you're not so busy you can answer the door, you can go and get a ball from your garden. Either a very bitter, rude grump, or someone having a bad day...

  4. I'm sorry to say, I'd chalk it up to life experience. It's highly likely your boys will encounter many more people like that rude ignorant man, and probably worse too! I would however go and ask for the ball myself. See if he would be so rude to an adult.

    Sal. X

  5. It really upsets me hearing things like this, your neighbour may have been having a hard day but its no excuse, especially if they asked nicely.


  6. Ryan, I think that's what'll happen from now on.

    Abby, My husband went today and more or less said that.

    Luce, I'll be going round next time.

    Sal, it is a lesson the kids have to learn.

    Mrs E, very grrrr.


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