Sunday, 1 May 2011

A splashing time in new swimming trunks

It was all going swimmingly. There we were getting ready for a family outing to our local baths. Well localish but the nearest baths with added fun.

The lovely people at Vertbaudet had sent me swimming trunks for the Boys. They were supposed to be for our trip to Haven, for all the water-based romps we were going to have. Clearly their late delivery was a prophecy as even shiny new trunks couldn't have improved our appalling experience at Burnham on Sea.

As an aside, we were much cheered by the arrival of a jauntily mass-produced postcard from Haven, thanking us for coming, hoping our visit was memorable (it was!) and that we'd be back (erm...).
But back to last Sunday morning. One, Two and Three were trying their new cossies on. This was necessary for two reasons, firstly so we didn't have the grumpy changing room revelation of them not fitting and so I could get a picture. but whoever said don't work with children or animals was right. I have new respect for the photographers who manage to make children stand still long enough to capture them modeling clothes for catalogues. Instead of the smiling, arty images I had in mind, this is what I ended up with.

Boy One is very, very long and thin. I expect he'll fill out, but for now unless stuff is suitably elasticated he spends the whole time clutching the waistband in a way that irritates everyone. His dukers stayed up - so they were a triumph.
Boy Two is a fairly standard sort of chap - size wise. He's easy to please so long as whatever he gets to wear is blue, or blue ish. His are a pretty blue hue - another success.

Boy Three dances to the beat of his own drum, particularly when you're trying to get him wriggled into clothes. It's never an easy task and one that brought on one of his pretend tantrums. He's taken to gently lowering himself to the ground, bum aloft and bellowing until he realises he's getting laughed at. His stayed up and on and have a stout enough waistband to capture him by. Another hit.

The resultant trip to the Waterfront Centre in Greenock was a success too. It's a great place, clean and full of helpful staff. Boy Two wasn't allowed to take his snorkel mask in, but they found him a pair of goggles to borrow. The changing rooms are big enough to swing the proverbial and low enough at the bottom that Boy Three can't get under. The showers roomy and flowing hot water. The flumes were open, the lazy river meandered and no one told us to get out, we could have stayed all day. Haven people, please note.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of trunks by Vertbaudet to try for each of the Boys.


  1. What do you mean? Those are great photos! Love the trunks too.

  2. Is that picture of Boy 3 one of those staged tantrums you were telling me about?
    They all look great in their smart new swimming trunks

  3. Should have read the whole post before commenting, shouldn't I? But yes, a young Olivier in the making xxx

  4. Were the hell were mine

  5. The new dookers (swimming trunks to the uninitiated) look really cool, but your boys are beautiful. The photographs are pretty good too!


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