Sunday, 17 July 2011

At which point do you become an author?

Is it when the book is commissioned? When it is actually published? Or when you type the last word?

I hope it's the latter because it certainly feels significant. I'm cock-a-hoop and have been since about 9pm last night when I finished writing Blogging For Happiness. With a huge sigh and a glass of Champagne it was done. I've sent it off to the publisher today and will shortly begin the unseemly grapple with my aged printer to get a hard copy the editor wants too. 

I suspect that I'm basking in the glorious sunlit meadow of a book's life history. It's the bit where the hard work is finished, but all hopes and possibilities are still alive. I am enjoying it. Let's see how I feel after the editor has had a look at it. 

Now I can start to pay attention to all the wonderful supportive people who have been ignored during the last few weeks, starting with the Panther of News and the Boys. I can start the reclamation process in the unruly place we live - it used to be a home and it will be once again. And I can begin gradually luring Boy Three back from the feral beastie he became. 

What an interesting couple of weeks it has been. I've learned that the only way I can really get on is to get off the web. The discovery of was a turning point. The purchase of a laptop stand means I don't automatically get a sore neck, thanks to SuperSister for her sage advice.

I learned that getting over the 2000 word hump is a bit of an issue with each chapter. In future - ha - there will be more shorter chapters. 

Oh and deadlines. I already knew I couldn't do anything much without one, but I now know I need to get into gear considerably sooner when the project is about 50 times the size of my usual ones. Probably I need to allow 50 times longer.

It's amazing how how quickly your standards slip when you have already got considerably more work than you can fit into a reasonable working day and then the toddler contracts chicken pox. I confirm he did request and get ice cream for breakfast one day. 

Anyhow, I can't hang around basking too long. All the other stuff that usually takes up all of my time and energy has been waiting patiently for my attention. 


  1. Ice cream for breakfast? Can I come and live with you, please? Hope he's feeling better. And again, congratulations on finishing the book xxx

  2. Of course you can. There is no limit to the number of people I can feed ice cream to and then largely ignore. x

  3. For me that point was the second we agreed the book deal. Made it feel real (in the most surreal way possible!) The fact I had only written 9,000 of the 60,000 words at that stage was a trifling detail... I was still, very definitely, an author (a title I cannot ever imagine tiring of!)

  4. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading your book. Sounds interesting. Sorry haven't got round to maxi dress post yet, been dead busy and er, on holiday in Cornwall.

  5. You are now an author, make my supper. I want pie

  6. congratulations! i hope that you enjoyed that celebratory glass (or two?) of bubbles... you deserve it!

  7. What's the difference between a writer and an author (don't worry, I can guess).

    You must be so pleased with your 4th baby! Congratulations, can't wait to read it.

  8. oh well done Ellen, what a brilliant milestone to make

    My house is also falling apart as I concentrate on book stuff. Only trouble is, it wasn't that great to begin with!

  9. Congratulations Ellen! Must be a fantastic feeling.


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