Monday, 8 August 2011

Toasting the toaster.... bravo to Breville... and well done mum

And not a little respect to my mother, the Dowager Duchess of the Palace of Bundance...

It was lunch time at her place and her grandsons One, Two and Six were hungry again. "What can I feed them?" she asked perhaps a little concerned that at least two of them have locust-like appetites.

"Cheese?" I suggested and three pairs of ravenous eyes turned towards her. "Cheese, granny, oh yes."

"Toasted? Toasted cheese?"

Boys drooled their delight and the DD of the P of B dived into the back of a cupboard returning moments later clutching a proper old-school sandwich toaster. After some debate about how it worked - light on when it's ready or not - she vanished again. This time she came back clutching the instructions dated 1983.

That the toasties produced in the machine are just as good as they ever were 28 years ago is perhaps remarkable, but nothing like as noteworthy as being able to find the instructions!

UPDATE: We have invested the enormous sum of £10 in a new toasting machine and already it is bearing fruit - ok, toasties that get scoffed very enthusiastically.


  1. A toasted cheese sandwich.....God I used to love those.

  2. LOL I think the modern phrase is; I was quite chuffed myself with the toastie can we now have less hints about not keeping things 'just in case' and throwing stuff away because it is a bit old, please,...... She's a sensitive soul, the DD of the P of B ! ! !


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