Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why has Brad Pitt driven a whole city demented?

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
OK, let's get the jokes out of the way first. I know Glasgow is often in the grip of madness, but this is different. And, yes, any number of zombie gags were funny the first time...

Brad Pitt has arrived in Glasgow to make his latest film World War Z. The centre of Glasgow has been chosen as a suitable stand-in for Philadelphia. Mr Pitt has brought his wife Angelina Jolie and their numerous kids with him, they are currently holed-up in a mansion near Kilmarnock. Unlikely as all of that seems, it is true. 

The reason I know it's true is that the entire city seems to be gripped by a mania about Mr P. Bradness if you will. Grown women with sensible jobs are squealing like idiots. Grown men with sensible jobs are almost squealing like idiots but catching themselves in time.

I'll grant you the idea of Hollywood coming to George Square is fascinating. And seeing the streets done up to look like something from America is memorable. 

Many of us who saw Thelma and Louise (yes, that scene) or Fight Club think fondly of Brad, but he's just an actor who was once rather dishy. After all, this month Edinburgh is jam packed with attractive and famous people but that city hasn't lost its collective marbles over them.

While this lunacy continues, I have a couple of questions to ponder:

If anything else was causing quite so much disruption to city centre traffic there would be much ill temper. How come Glaswegians are happy to put up with this?

If the person causing such silliness - and, if we're being a bit po-faced, objectification - were a woman, the female population would be far less understanding of their men's interest. How come it's OK for girls?

Why Glasgow? Philadelphia looks lovely, but I can't see it's much like Glasgow. 

How much will the council make from this? 

How did all those American cars get here? 

If Angelina is such an ordinary mum, will we expect to see her on the beach at Largs picking grit out of Shiloh's eye and wiping dog poo off Pax's trainer too?

And, finally, why must Z be pronounced zee?


  1. I'm dying to get down and take photos :) Not expecting his Bradness but the Philadephia-ising of the streets would be cool to see. Will is still be all done up on 25th? That's our next planned visit. I could come over all spontaneous tho....

    It's all about tax breaks innit? I've just finished reading David Puttnam's The Undeclared War: Struggle for Control of the World's Film Industry so I probably should have a better answer than that but it's close enough :)

    And Glaswegians are willing to put up with it cos they're NICE. Edinburgh doesn't get it knickers in a twist over a few stars cos it can't afford them (knickers that is bwahahahahaha!)

  2. Nikkii, I'm told filming will continue until end of the month. B & A in town til then.

    I'm interested to see how film magic can make one thing appear as something else and may well take trip into town this weekend. Though I fear there will be thousands with the same idea.

    Ah, tax breaks, I didn't think of that. That's why Braveheart was partly filmed in Ireland, wasn't it?

    It'll be interesting to see what happens in McPhiladelphia late on Saturday night though!

  3. Ellen, I'm not getting the grumpiness at all. Maybe relative good weather helps but I think Glaswegians recognise that this is a good positive thing for the city, think of all the hotel rooms (country estates) and extra lunches coming to the city. Brad is still a good looking guy and by all indicators a pleasant one. I've got friends that work in the city chambers (sneaked in for lunch with them on Friday) and they are full of tales of cheeky waves and patient posing for pics when asked. The tech crew have all been charming too so I'm told. Best thing of all is the excitment around being able to mill around the square, take pics in front of a fire hydrant. The production could have made the whole thing an exclusion zone, instead its a temporary theme park and I love it. x

  4. I was in Glasgow on Friday and was amazed at how accessible everything was around George Square. It was very easy to take photos of the vehicles and it was interesting to see all the vans and equipment about. I even got a pic of a few zombies!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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