Thursday, 8 September 2011

Decision time: please help me pick the best

Cover story: which do you prefer?
I know lots of lovely Facebook chums and Twitter pals have already given me their thoughts, I thought you might like to do so too. 

The book is almost finished (honest, Ms Publisher) just a few revisiony tweaks and, hopefully, it's done.

So, now, and you can't imagine how excited I am about this - think little girl doing supermarket-type sweep in Clair's Accessories - bit of the process. What goes on the cover. Now we're down to the last two and are looking for some feedback about which you prefer. 

There's no prize unless you insist, in which case I'll ring you up and read excerpts to you.

And thanks very much to Transatlantic Blonde for clever techy stuff.


  1. This is very exciting! I think the white cover. Plain, simple and stylish. And please can you come and do a book launch in London?!

  2. i love the blue skies.. so A it is for me!
    oh and i would definitely support a book launch in glasgow ;)

  3. oo - tricky one. I like the colours, especially the blue, of A. It's an appealing image you could imagine yourself in. However, the subtitle is much clearer and stands out better in B (though not keen on the blank white space in the middle of B) I would shorten the subtitle a bit too (maybe just "Gaining etc" rather than "A guide to improving etc", darken the font and go with A.

  4. Blue for me. Looks more cheerful.

  5. TNMA, That one's certainly classier. London would be fab, but I suspect it'll be a bottle of cider and Glasgow pub.

    hopefulmummy, ooh. share a bottle of cider?

    Joanne, Thanks

    Solnushka, Thanks

  6. A for me definitely. It sums up the mental health and well-being more than the other, which I think looks a bit too clinical.

    Just my thoughts!

    Congratulations on getting this far.

  7. I do like B but I agree with Kirsteen that it's probably a big clinical looking. A is a much more happy and relaxed image.

  8. Kirsteen, thanks.
    PhotoPuddle, Clinical or classy?

  9. Prefer second one ... but that's purely personal. Very interested in content ... I know what blogging has done for me, in a very small way. Interested to find out what is in book! Launch in Glasgow - hey, what's wrong with cider or a wee glass of white in the Horseshoe?
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. I think that the white seems more textbook-y and professional, but if you were asking me to buy it, then I'd go for the blue: more friendly and approachable....if you can say that about a book.

  11. I like the colourful one - you want it to be visible - white just isn't.

    Sooooooo a Glasgow book launch eh? ;)

  12. Domestic Goddesque, I'd be chuffed if it was friendly and approachable. I know what you mean.

    Nikkii, Thanks. Well it'd be a good excuse for getting out at least.

  13. Hi Ellen, I'm thinking blue because it will catch the eye better on a table in Waterstone's, although both look classy and congratulations on the book.


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