Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The opposite to my bucket list

It's called a fuck it list.

I recently wrote a post about my bucket list - the things I'd like to spend my life doing, other considerations aside.

Writing it, my mind filled with loveliness: days of travel and family and writing things just for the heck of it.

Then only a matter of a few hours later I was looking for a plastic box and a lid that matched and it struck me that there are a great many things I'd quite cheerfully never do again.

  • Rooting around in the plastic box drawer for a matching set.
  • Busting a gut to get somewhere on time only to find I had cocked up and the event was yesterday.
  • Having to change my clothes before I've even left the house because someone smeared me with something, usually snot, but sometimes not.
  • Picking junk mail of the mat and putting it in the recycling bin.
  • Ending a phone call without swearing while someone is telling me about there being some amazing offer in my area at the moment.
  • Ironing almost all of a shirt before spotting a nasty stain on the last bit.
  • Ten pin bowling and crazy golf.
  • Depilation.
  • Eating bran flakes.
  • Looking for things in my handbag.
  • Looking for things in my house.
  • Hangovers.
  • Trying to understand cricket.
  • Putting up flatpacked furniture.
  • Reminding members of my family about matters of personal hygiene.

I'm sure there are many many more candidates for the fuck it list, but that's it for now.

And credit for the name of this list goes to Keris Stainton, thanks Keris.


  1. Fabulous! Can i add:
    Making packed lunches
    Wiping other people's bottoms (no matter how small and cute they are!)
    Taking the hairy gunk out of plugholes (surely civilisation is more advanced than that?)

  2. lol this is hilarious I love it. I agree with adding the hairy gunk in the plug holes, gross x

  3. Thanks Susan, agree - that stuff is horrid. Oh, and dried-on toothpaste.

  4. Is it bad that I'm rather jealous of your tupperware drawer? My tupperware just lives in random places around the kitchen. I wish I could have it all in one place.

  5. Photopuddle.
    Ellen and I wondered whether it was a genetic thing, or whether everyone had one like hers, mine and our mums! I think this could start a whole new debate - Tupperware, in drawers or not?

  6. Now this is what I call a list!

    Putting junk mail into the recycle bin is time I will never get back.

    May I add asking a toddler to stand still because she was the one who asked for bobbles in her hair and I can't do bunches when she's jiggling around like there's somewhere else she'd rather be?

    My tupperware is in a cupboard in the garage. Probably counts as a drawer.

  7. Sarnison and Ellen my plastics drawer looks just like that....does that make me a sister?

  8. The Tupperwear drawer issue is clearly a hot potato. I will be returning to the subject soon.

  9. And yes, MumB, you can be a sister too!

  10. I have tupperware spread randomly over the plates and serving dishes drawer. The matching lids are all in there somewhere but mostly they just get in the way when I am trying to unload the dishwasher and mostly its just a disaster! :)

  11. You'd think there would be a simple solution to Tupperware mayhem in this day and age.

  12. from the male perspective we have a tupperware cuoboard and every tim you open it two items fall out and the never match.I will adnit to throwing the said plasitic articlesinto the cupboard,then quickly closing the door so as they dont fall back out.There have been times where the cats bowl situated infront of said cupboard,that the cat has been sconed by plastic.#@jadkhmfc


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