Thursday, 1 September 2011

The unexpected benefits of blogging

We all know about how blogging and how marvellous it is. Or at least those of us who are converts do. I'm sure there are a great many people who just can't fathom the urge to tell the world about events too insignificant to even phone our mothers about.

But we know that you can make friends, learn things, earn a few pounds and create a little corner of the Internet that's ours alone. You might even get a book published, or something. And there are some unexpected advantages of becoming a blog keeper. 

A visit to your inbox will become a magical mystery tour. This week I've had an invitation to write on a parenting website, the offer of a free box of cosmetics, invites to lunches, launches and days out (most of which are more than 400 miles away, kind offers of help and the invitation to speak at a Social Media Week Glasgow Event.  

Ever wanted a search facility on your own memory? My blog now provides an imperfect record of what I've been doing for the past few years. If I need to know which year we went to Germany the a quick search will tell me. 

Blogging means never (or at least less often) having to explain yourself. On meeting real people in real life, if they read the blog (or even look at the pictures) they usually have a good idea of whatever's been rattling my cage or floating my boat or otherwise metaphorical lately.

It's another way for the Panther of News to communicate his feelings. Despite his occasionally fierce exterior and habit of prowling the jungle in a menacing manner, my husband, the Panther of News has a soft underbelly.
By means of some modern internet magic, it is possible to find out what search terms were used to find your blog. And upon checking the terms lately I found, among "ban toasters", "pocahontas mackenzie", "snobbery in Bridge of Weir" and "shoulder shoulder Shoulder dance Ellen", messages from the PoN. I'm not going to tell you what they say, but they are lovely. He sometimes gets an extra tickle under the chin on the days I find them.


  1. This really does encourage me to get my blog up and running, but with a full time job it's not feasible yet.
    But sorry, your last para eludes me. Is it in secret code or something, or am I just a dinosaur?

  2. Somehow it slipped past me that you're speaking at BlogOff! Hoping to be there, looking forward to it. You've hit the nail on the hit for a lot of the reasons I have my blog, particularly the memory and the magical mystery tour.

  3. Lynda, You're not a dinosaur, I just wrote it very badly! Hopefully it makes more sense now.

    Michael, Yup. I'm torn between being flattered to be asked and very very nervous.

  4. Ah that's better thanks ! I guessed that the PON could be your husband, but got no further. What a wonderful ally he is!
    I wonder if some husbands are resentful of their wives' blogs ? Because of the time it takes; because it is a 'girlie' thing; because they just don't understand it, or whatever. May be it's a good idea to involve them in it. Sorry am off track and this has probably been discussed millions of times elsewhere! Was just wondering... for the future! Ho hum.

  5. Lynda, It's an interesting subject.
    The PoN is very supportive of the blog, but then he's in the news business so mostly understands it.
    I suppose some people do resent their other half's blogs. It probably isn't any different to those of use who get frustrated with the amount of time spent on a golf course or in front of football on the telly.
    There are also a lot of good bloke blogs too.
    Interesting though, might blog about it...

  6. I will definately watch out for it.

    Many relationships break up because the female partner is into horses. I'm okay because my OH has a horse too!

    Maybe that's the answer, if there's a problem, get him to write a blog too!

  7. Blogging might not make you money directly, unless you run ads on the blog (which is a bad idea anyway), but it can definitely lead to opportunities that will make you money in the long run. Blogging is a great way to prove that you "know your stuff" and can be considered a trusted resource of information. It takes time, but this often opens doors to new business relationships that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

  8. Hi Digest it, thanks for your comment.

  9. You know me, I'm addicted to blogging on a grand scale! I was converted many moons ago!

    CJ xx

  10. CJ, thanks for the comment. I'm an addict too, but it's an interesting exercise to work out why. x


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