Thursday, 6 October 2011

Melanie Reid's appeal for The Spinal Injuries Association

Everywhere you turn there is another cause demanding you open your purse. there are impoverished children, killer diseases needing researched, animals in danger and even writer's sheds appealing to be saved.

And as the crunch threatens to turn into a depression I have less and less money to spare on charity that begins outside the home. I'm inclined, therefore, to limit calls on your generosity.

So all I'm going to do is draw your attention to a three-minute Radio 4 broadcast I heard on the easy home from work today.

Times writer Melanie Reid of Spinal Column fame was talking about how The Spinal Injuries Association helps the victims of crippling injury in the first desperate weeks.

Not that long ago, Melanie was like so many of us - a busy working mother dashing about taking mobility for granted. Then 18 months ago she feel off her horse and in an instant became quadriplegic.

I don't really know Melanie on more than a nodding basis, but I have worked with her husband Dave for years. When our shifts have coincided, we've chatted - with no self pity on his part, I might add - about the seismic changes that have rocked their lives. They are rebuilding their future and getting used to very different circumstances. As she said: "It wasn't what he signed up for."

I wish them luck and ask you to listen to what Melanie had to say.


  1. I'm about to stumble this post. I hope it gets all the hits it deserves. As you know I'm a huge supporter of Melanie and I've been reading her column every week for well over a year. I wish her and this cause all the very best.

  2. Thanks Rosie, I hope so. From what Melanie said, the organisation was a real life-saver.

  3. i am a 6th form student in the uk and im doing a project on the ethics of using embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries. whilst doing my research i came accross melanie and have taken a great interest in her injury as i would really like to get in contact with her to ask a few of my own questions and ask for her opinion on using stem cells to treat a spinal injury much like hers. if there is any way of contacting melanie please let me know as this will really help with my research.


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