Sunday, 13 November 2011

X Factor is the new Sunday lunch

Apparently watching telly on a Saturday night is the new Sunday lunch. Or at least M&S say so and thats about as official as it gets in some circles.

That means we are having a more meaningful and memorable bonding time with one-sided yelling at Louis Welsh than gathering around a roast dinner. 

And, actually, when I stop to think about it, that's how it goes in this house. We can't really be bothered with stuffing things up a chicken's cavity on a Sunday morning thus are far more likely to be in a family huddle over a pizza the previous evening. 

We were doing it long before M&S told the middle classes it was a cool thing to do. 

Does that make us trend setters? 

If so - try these on for size:

Dust is the new housework

Flats are the new heels

Twitter is the new meaningful conversation

Aldi/Lidl is the new M&S/Waitrose

Trampoline in the garden is the new going to the gym

DIY is the new paying for it

Early nights are the new rock and roll

Putting on a jumper is the new turning the heating up

Portfolio career is the new smashing the glass ceiling

Wearing trousers is the new waxing

Putting on specs is the new squinting 

Sneaking off and hiding from the kids is the new educational play
Sofa surfing brothers


  1. Binge eating is the new dieting

    Sitting is the new running


  2. Both of them!

    Spanx is the new diet.


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