Thursday, 3 November 2011

You know you're a blogger when...

This morning I found myself standing at the kitchen sink. Three inches of cold scummy water glinted in the sunlight. Congealed grease had set like the skin of a lizard rippling  between waterlogged crust island.

So, what what was my instinctive response?

Tip the nasty mess out and reclaim shiny stainless steel with hot blasts and soap?

Or leave it to answer the siren call of inbox?


To find my camera to capture the interesting colours on the slime. Yes, blogging about how pretty my slutty housekeeping was turning out was more tempting than restoring some hygiene or doing some paid work.

I realise that it's probably only one of the ways to tell you are a blogger.

Here are some others.

You know you're a blogger when you tell the entire internet things your husband doesn't even know.

You know you're a blogger when your husband communicates in search terms he knows you'll find on analytics.

You know you're a blogger when you start telling friends what you've been doing and they say: "Yes, I already know."

You know you're a blogger when you regularly get invited to events hundreds of miles away that you probably wouldn't fancy going to if they were next door.

You know you're a blogger when the postie thinks you have a serious retail therapy habit during review season.

You know you're a blogger when the upside of something going wrong is juicy blog fodder.

And today's offering - you know you're a blogger when someone offers you money to make a video reviewing a sex toy.


  1. The last one I got too...

    And another one, you know you're a blogger when you dream in blogposts!


  2. Brilliant post, so so true!!

    The last statement gave me a giggle, noway did some ask you to review a sex toy and do a video.. urgh, how cheeky!


  3. Ooh, how do I get the sex toy gig?

  4. Well I can only dream of that kind of popularity! What an inspiration to us newbies you are.... until the last line!!! Only joking of course - because you are - but it exemplifies what you say - Material!

  5. I got the sex toy thing too. Video? Not likely. But yes, my response to anything is to first grab the camera.

  6. BNM, I'm not sure I've ever had a blog dream...

    Mum2alesha, Thanks, yup an 'adult' business is trying to get bloggers to do sponsored posts via Tots100.

    Troubles Mum, Join Tots100 and ask Sally.

    Older Single Mum, Hay, stick around kid and you too can get asked to review rampant rabbits or something.

  7. I've only been blogging a fortnight and all that is already horribly true (and much better than I could have put it!)

  8. One of my friends recently pointed out my habit of ending every sentence with '..ooh I could blog about that.'

  9. I got that one too - are we the preferred bloggers, do you think?

  10. Middle-aged Matron, Thanks - some of us get hooked quicker than others. One post is all it takes..

    TNM, I do that too.

    Nickie, With out doubt preferred ;-)

  11. You know your a blogger when....

    You take pictures of your food in restaurants before you eat.

    Your other half asks if you need a picture for the blog

    Your child thinks every parcel that comes to the doors are hers

    You are referred to as Dear Blogger or Dear *blog name*

  12. Carol,
    Ah yes. All of these. I have been known to yell "hold it, I need a picture for the blog".

  13. Ah yes I know that - also you know you're a blogger when you realise your phone is full of pictures of your children slightly turned away from camera to not show their faces!

  14. Muddling, Oh yes - or 'interesting' pictures of strange things. My camera has my plastic box drawer, a pile of sweeties and a mess in the bin on it.

  15. I could identify with much of that - although it has to be said I don't have a husband....

  16. Rab, I'll lend you mine if you want ;-)


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